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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday I had one of those rare moments where the planets and the stars aligned just right to allow both my bf and I to escape from the house for a couple of hours w/o being on Mommy duty to go to the Taste of Wylie. This is a community fundraising event that all of the local restaurants participate in to let the locals sample food from their restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries and to hand out coupons to capture some new business. They also do tons of raffle items for photography, flower arrangements, electronics, quilts and other random handmade products. But lets be honest we didn't go for the raffles, we went mainly to try some new foods and to get out of the house for a bit. I considered bringing my camera, but for one I wasn't sure how busy and crazy this even would be (which it was pretty packed) and for two we were on a time limit because John had an evening shift to run off to after we returned. I can say that it was fun trying out some of the local business since John and I are new to the area, but mostly the enjoyment was getting some me time with a buddy. No worries for Bailey though, she had a play date right after so she had her fun too. And props to the new ride for making this all possible ;) 

Afterwords I made an attempt to weed our backyard.  When we moved in part of our contract was for the builders to include sod throughout the property because the backyard is huge and it would have been pretty pricey for us to do it on our own.  To lay sod properly you are supposed to kill off all of the weeds and field grass a week prior to laying the new grass.  You are also supposed to till and level the ground, and I am sure their are other steps, but these seem to be the main ones.  I guess the builder just gets the cheapest of the cheap lawn services to do these things, because all they did was lay the sod directly over the pre-existing field grass.  We moved in in Fall so we had no idea what was in store for us come spring time.  Yikes!  Crab grass is taking over the backyard!  We mow the lawn and within a week the grab grass patches sprout up past the ankles.  I hate how untidy it makes everything look.  We have had two weed treatments done to our lawn, but I have yet to see any real difference.  So my friend and I sat down and started pulling.  Seriously I need like 15 people to do this with me and with that we might be able to do it in a couple of hours.  But that is not likely to every happen.  I do have to admit that yanking out those nasty weeds are pretty therapeutic and a great way to build up some arm muscles!  So I guess I will take it one chunk at a time and hope to contain the outbreak of field grasses.  Unless anybody out their knows of a great treatment to get rid of this mess!   

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