Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have only had one car my whole driving life. A 95 Nissan Altima. And most of that driving life both the speedometer and the ac have not worked which has been slightly miserable. I put a lot of money into that vehicle with repairs and such to get it to last me as long as it did, but eventually the transmission started to bow out gracefully. My credit was shot early in life so it was never an option for me to buy a car even though eventually I made enough money to support a car payment. At the time John had just purchased his own vehicle so he was not approved to have another until that note was paid down. I started to become unreliable at work with the ride situation so I quit my job until the time came where we could figure out a more reliable means of transportation for myself. Not too long after that Bailey happened. We got serious about the finances, paid his car note down, fixed the credit, got a house. New home buyers' tax credit has made the wait for a new, reliable, safe vehicle finally come to an end! Bailey and I are free to roam the Dallas Metro and take road trips whenever we want to!! I fell in love with the new Ford Edge crossover vehicles because they have everything I could possibly want in a car, great on gas for an SUV type of vehicle, and since it's domestic the repairs will be cheaper once it starts getting older. It's leather, with seat heat, dual climate zones, dual moon roofs, 5 disc CD changer, and lots of backseat space for B! The backseat will fold down flat for an 8 foot loading zone for our giant cakes hahaha. I love it so much I could hug it! Being in a house has made being with out a car less of a drag, but for 3 years it has paid it's toll on me. I can't even begin to tell you the excitement I feel and the relief I have over this. Thank you God for blessing our family!!!!

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