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Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

My sister Juli, passed away April 6, 2005 from a brain cancer called Nueroblastoma. Juli battled this cancer most of her life, but she always kept a smile on her face and her witty sense of humor about life. So many things in life remind me of her humor that it makes it easy to smile whenever my mind wanders off and finds her. Certain songs, tons of movies... especially Wayne's World, and all things pig related. Juli adored pigs sooooo much, and every Christmas or birthday we were always able to find at least one random pig item to gift her. I can only imagine what her collection must have looked like! When she passed in April, my sister Candi along with some of her sewing friends, created a line of custom pig clothing in memory of her. My Mom's boss purchased a pair of overalls for her little girl made by Candi's friend Candi (confusing I know LOL), and then once she outgrew them sent them back our way for Bailey. This April marks the five year anniversary of her passing and it only seemed fitting to dress Bailey in her piggy overalls as much as possible this April. I find it so incredibly special that they made their way back to us.

So Juli, here's to you! I hope you know you are always in our hearts, our smiles, and our memories. Knowing you and being a part of your story has made me a stronger person. You have been a positive role model to the people in your life in ways that you can't imagine and will continue to be long after your death. We love you sis!

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