Friday, November 21, 2008

November 2008: 9 months into pregnancy

Things are moving along now. Just got back from our weekly check up and am happy to report that I am 60% effaced. I am not Dilated yet, but the end of pregnancy is near! Before long baby cries, diaper changes and late night feedings will be my reason for no sleep vs. frequent potty breaks, heart burn and overall discomfort. We have also picked up the paint for the nursery today so hopefully my next post will be finished nursery pics! I am still praying that she doesn't decide to come around Thanksgiving, hopefully she waits closer to her original estimated due date. Our next appointment is Tuesday so I will be sure to report if there are any changes! Bailey will be here before we know it!

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Mr. Kitty  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 2008: 9 months into pregnancy

As I mentioned in the previous post we recently had to take our cat to the vet. We had planned on taking him in to remove his claws before the baby came because let's face it, Mr. Kitty has a bad reputation for attacking people. He doesn't attack everyone, John and I are safe, but people that approach him fast, talk loud, startle him, or maybe he just decides not to like them are all fair game to him. He especially hates it when people walk to the restroom for some reason. He has claimed all restrooms as his own personal den and feels threatened the moment a guest starts making their way back there. Obviously he can not be trusted around children because the younger they are the less likely they will have a gentle approach. We had planned on getting those claws out before the baby actually became mobile, but then last week we noticed flees. I am not entirely sure if they were already in the carpet when we moved in, or if he got them when he escaped from the last apartment because he freaked out about all of the boxes as we were moving. Did I mention he has separation anxiety? LOL, my cat has a list of mental issues, but we love him all the same. Anyway, I had noticed him scratching over a month ago and kept searching him for flees, but I never found any. He's all black with a thick coat so it is a challenge. Finally I noticed one crawl across his eye, and that same day started spotting them in my room. Yes, it was time to take him to the vet, and since he was making the trip to his loathed enemy we might as well get him completely taken care of. So goodbye claws! We decided to do front and back, even though vets recommend against the back ones so they can still defend themselves. They seriously underestimate Mr. Kitty's sneakiness. He will grab hold of you with his front paws, like a tackle or a bear hug, and then kick you with his back feet, digging all four sets of claws into your arm or foot. So yes, even though they advised against it, we still opted for all four to be removed. We also had to get a series of tests done, for parasites, luckily he passed! And had to update his shots. I felt like we were doing the right thing, the responsible thing, but when poor Mr. Kitty came home he was so incredibly miserable. He meowed with every step he took, then layed down in our closet and didn't move for 5 days. I kept checking on him to make sure he was still alive. I would have to scratch him and pet him to get any kind of response. It was so sad! They gave us pain meds to be given to him every 12 hours, I think they must have been pretty strong because he seemed to check out after every shot. Anyway, I am pleased to report that our beloved family pet is now showing signs of life once again. I knew this is something we would have to do eventually, but I wasn't prepared for how traumatic it was going to be for him. I would have felt really bad if we had decided to do that to him and he had never scratched anyone before, because that was major!

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Any suggestions?  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 2008: 9 months into pregnancy

I am not sure if I feel entirely ready for this baby yet, partially because the nursery isn't done, and partially because it feels like the list of baby supplies is never ending. Since we are on a budget, and our cat's recent vet visit is taking away a good portion of that budget (he is being de-clawed, flee dipped, re-vaccinated, and possibly de-wormed today) I am trying to prioritize what we still need to buy and how important it is to have right away. Tonight I took my gift cards from babies r us and got a few items that I didn't have: a pack of receiving blankets, baby socks, a couple of newborn footy pjs, newborn onesies, and of course nipple pads and cream for breast feeding. I figured these where cheap items that I could knock off the list right away. I know I should get: baby bath tub, baby towels, boppy pillow for breast feeding, nursing bras and maybe a gown if it's necessary, cloth diapers for burping, changing pad and cover, one of those positioning pillows for sleeping babies (that's necessary right?), a stroller (soon but not right away), and diapers and wipes... I think that's it, but I never really know. So to all you mom's out there is all of that stuff pretty necessary to have right away? What is priority? Am I missing anything important? What do I need for me as far as breast feeding and delivery recovery? What should I pack for the hospital aside from clothes for myself and for the baby? We only have one last paycheck before the baby gets here so I have to make the dollar stretch, I just need to take care of the supplies that is actually important to have on hand when we bring her home. Ready for your tips and suggestions to ease my mind!
OK I am no longer worried! I have great friends that are helping me with last minute needs with items they no longer need and gifts!!! It's always good to have a support network!!

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John's Birthday!  

Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 2008: 9 months pregnant

Happy 24th to John!! We celebrated his birthday Friday with the family. Ate dinner with Mom and David, Candi, Kobi, and the kids. He always loves a little family time :o) That same day we had a Dr. appointment scheduled. Baby is still growing ahead by two weeks but not dilated yet so I guess she plans on hanging in there for a while longer. We are getting closer and closer to finishing her nursery. We have purchased and built a dresser for her and got her a new rug that is super soft and squishy. Hopefully in a couple weeks we can tackle painting it and putting up all the finishing touches. I would post pics, but we only have the items we haven't actually decorated it yet. Soon though! Bella got a chance to feel the baby kick for the first time, I think it may have freaked her out a little but I still think she was pleased.

I have never felt so drained in my life. Everyday all I want to do is sleep. I think it's mostly cuz I am up all night from heart burn. I feel so incredibly unproductive and disconnected to the outside world! This will end right? Cuz man I have no absolutely no energy and no desire to do anything. Even on John's days off I have a hard time keeping up with him and need a nap time break sometime through out the day. I had no idea how tiring pregnancy can be, feels like first trimester all over again. I am on the last round though, not long to go! Very excited and completely overwhelmed all at the same time!

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