Rangers Game  

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 2009: 8 months old

Johnny came home the other night with some Texas Rangers Game tickets that he had left over from work so we invited the Carminatis to come out for a fun summer family outing. Not only did we get a chance to hang out at the cool Ballpark in Arlington but we also had a great view of the new Cowboy's stadium, so pretty! Bailey enjoyed most of it until people started doing the wave, and then she freaked a little :( by that point it was a little past her bed time so John and I had to cut out early. But we did have a lot of fun eating hot dogs and cheering at the game! We hope to go again soon!

Picture Taken by Bella Carminati, pretty good!!

Daddy and Bailey at the game <3

Messy little B after a Nutragrain Bar... perhaps a bad snack choice for a Baseball game LOL

Miss Bella happily chowing down on a ball park hot dog

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 2009: 8 months old

The crawling started not long after we returned home from Austin. She looked like she was trying to maneuver herself around while we were at Sally's for dinner, but she didn't quite master the commando crawl until a few days later. Now she just scoots around on the floor all over the place, and has those target eyes that finds the things that she shouldn't have (such as the remote control, shoes, pens, a drink... anything John leaves laying around LOL) and takes off after it like the ninja baby she is. Yesterday, while I was wrapped up in taking a cake order via e-mail, she had her first taste of cat food. I looked up from the computer realizing how quiet it seemed... that eerie it's too quiet feeling, and found her around the corner next to the cat food bowl with all off Mr. Kitty's food scattered around her, none in the bowl. She laughed hysterically when I came around the corner, and as I picked her up I notice that little jaw casually moving, not the in your face I am eating something, but the trying to hide the fact that I have something in my mouth. That little sneak! LOL! I dug around in her mouth and found a piece of Mr. Kitty's food and as I pulled it out of her mouth she laughed again. Oh boy, this one's going to be trouble!My documentation of Bailey tumbling out of her sit position into a crawl... to attack the camera of course LOL. I also discovered her doing the "creep" where she was up on all fours rocking back and forth, it will only be a matter of time for her to have the typical crawl down... and then she will be much faster. Look out Mr. Kitty, here she comes!!

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8 months is so cool!  

August 2009: 8 months old

Bailey is getting so big! I can't believe it! She seems to be learning new little things much more rapidly. And all it takes is for her to figure it out one time and she will have it down pat. She is sitting really well now, has figured out how to lean on her arms. She still tumbles at times, but it seems to be more on purpose these days. She prefers to be on her stomach or back vs. sitting but she definitely has that milestone mastered. She has also started crawling more of a comando style dragging her body along the floor, I'll get into that more on the next post. She makes a buzzy noise with lips vs. just the spit bubble raspberries she had been blowing previously, the noise is kind of high pitched like a little bird. And she has started eating little finger snacks, I may have mentioned that already, I forget, but it's kind of a big deal I guess. Oh and the cutest thing she does is blow kisses with the kissy noise... she hasn't learned to kiss us, that is still the open mouth "I'm going to eat you" thing that babies do LOL.Ok, so I usually do not feed Bailey her snacks on the floor, I did this more for the picture aspect. She looked so cute with her little pj body that I didn't want to take away from it with the bumbo seat. I figured she sticks all of her toys in her mouth that lay on the floor so it can't be much different right?

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Photo Session  

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 2009: 8 months old

Bailey is such a sweet girl with lots of personality these days! She is quite the happy baby and seems to love new people, other children, and animals. She loves to be held, but is also happy to roll around on the floor playing with her toys. Over the last couple of days she has shown signs of crawling, not on hands and knees, it looks more like the yoga plank position as she pushes off with her toes. So big! We love this little lady sooo much!

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