Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you to all those who were praying for us, Johnny's job is safe!! He found out this morning, and now a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Poor guy had to work overnight last night for inventory getting home at 6 am and then had to be back at 10 am to find out if he had a job or not and will be working until 8 tonight. He is dragging big time, and hasn't had a chance to be truly happy yet because he is so exhausted. But he will be ;-) once he sleeps and all. I will be spending the day cooking a yummy dinner for him so it'll be ready when he gets home, and making the apartment spotless so he can kick back, eat dinner, and relax. Now we can continue pushing forward with our dreams of a house freeing up the credit one card at a time, we're so close!! Thanks again everyone!

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1 Year Anniversary; 5 Month Birthday  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 2009: 5 months old

Well, we did it guys. John and I have made it through one year of marital bliss. I've heard from numerous married folk that the first year is the hardest, if that's true then we have some amazing years ahead of us :0) but I find that hard to believe because isn't that supposed to be the honeymoon phase? Regardless, I can't really call it very honeymoon like because during that year I spent 4 months throwing up, went through 2 major abdominal surgeries with two and half months of recovery time, boiled my eyeball (long story and not a happy one LOL), and have spent two weeks in the hospital... so maybe this year was a little harder than most, but it wasn't because of the marriage by any means. In fact I got through it all with nothing but optimism and positivity because I had John by my side through this roller coaster of a year. In the end it was all worth it to have this amazing little girl. No matter how hard it is or gets it's still a beautiful life.

Back from our coffee date

Our anniversary was perfect. We chillaxed at home for a while playing with Bailey, showering her with attention and affection since it also marked her five month birthday. My sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew came over and we all ate a delicious steak dinner that John grilled for us. We defrosted the top tier of our wedding cake to eat as tradition on our special day. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first about eating something that had been in our freezer for a year, but it's tradition and it really didn't taste bad after all *whew*! Then we finished up the night with Candi and Bella babysitting Bailey as John and I headed to Cafe Brazil for a bottomless cup of the yummiest coffee bar ever. On our coffee date we reflected on how blessed we are, what this past year was all about, and what our future would have in store for us. John was sweating it all week wondering if I would be disappointed with such a relaxed day, but I really enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part where we got to venture out without the baby for the first time thanks to Sissy! In conclusion we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, and wondering about all the things we will have to be thankful for next anniversary :)

John and Bailey watching TV in the morning &
she was exploring his chin with her little hand

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New Milestones This Month  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 2009: four months old

I am pleased to say that Bailey is well over and done with her colic phase, it was short lived but definitely challenging! She still challenges me when it's time to nurse, but I have hope that it's only a phase since baby center sent me some newsletter about nursing strikes describing similar things that I am going through with her. She sure does take the magic out of it at times. I have learned that she has incredible core strength. She will pull herself up by grabbing on to my fingers keeping her back and neck completely straight using just her abs and back muscles. It is more impressive when you see it I am sure, but I am pretty confident that she is stronger than me LOL. She actually started doing sit ups on the bed the other day using just her abs, no arm assistance. She did it six times in a row, sitting straight up from a lay down position, before getting tired. She laughs all the time, and I LOVE it! I am very amused by the things that she finds funny. Bailey has always had a little giggle, but never anything I could call a laugh until this fourth month started. She has become VERY vocal. She has been trying to talk to us since she was almost two months old, but now she is starting to test how loud she can get. Some days I feel like all she did was yell at me all day long, but she's not just doing it when she's mad she just does it the entire day because she can. What I love the best about her noises are the faces she makes while trying to get the sounds out. Definitely seems like she is trying to tell me about something important. She has really mastered standing on her feet, and her stance also cracks me up. She locks those pudgy little legs, sticks that diaper bottom out, and arches her back.... so cute, like a little who from Whoville. And of course anything and everything is going into her mouth. She has developed her hand-eye coordination pretty well now and can actually grab the things she wants and bring them to her mouth, even her toes. Still working on the rice cereal, she's not a big fan of it yet. I am only giving it to her every few days for now. I am not to worried about making her have it all the time until month 6. She is starting to respond to her name, new development this week, so she hasn't mastered it entirely yet. And the last thing I have noticed is her exploring things with her hands. She wants to touch my face when I talk to her, or my hands, or her hair and ears, but it's not the grab that she used as a newborn. It's just a soft open handed touch to feel and explore what it's like. We should be purchasing a stroller for her FINALLY, this weekend, so we will have a lot more exploring to do next month :)

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Best Buy, Easter Crawdads, and Rice Cereal  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2009: 4 months old

Best Buy finally made their long awaited restructure announcements last week. John's GM announced that they are merging the CEM position (John's current role) and the Services Manager position into a new job title called CSM or Customer Solutions Manager. His store will have two of these positions available, but since they previously had two CEM's and one Services Manager that means one of the three of them will be without placement. Originally we had thought the GM decides who stays and who goes, but we have recently learned that a third party will be making the cuts. The GM was allowed to right an assessment on each of them and send off their last two reviews for the final decision. Who ever is not placed will have until June 2nd to find a job in the company or else they will be relieved with a six month severance package. John will find out if he is placed on April 26th, the day after our one year anniversary. This is all we know for now, I will keep everyone posted. We are staying positive about this, John has wonderful reviews and his GM seems to value him quite a bit so nobody is in panic mode yet, however he has put in applications to other companies as a back up plan.

Easter Sunday was spent at my Mom and Stepdad's house aka Nanny and Poppy's with the three of us and the Carminati's. Bella and Bailey were dressed to match in their pink pettiskirts and pink tops, but Bailey didn't last long in her sweet outfit. The house was warm due to all the people and the oven going, and the combination of drool and spit ups caused me to strip her down to her diaper. We ate a yummy meal of prime rib and twice baked potatoes and all sorts of yummy stuff and watched the kids hunt for eggs. The previous night it had rained so Nanny's yard had puddles everywhere and in those puddles where crawdads from the lake. Bella and I hunted crawdads for a little while spotting a few babies here and there, but when Kobi and Skylar joined in they ended up finding a pretty big one. The sight of Bella in her sweet pink Easter outfit holding up a giant ugly crawdad was SO Bella :) I didn't photograph anything that day though because my blood pressure felt out of whack (hasn't felt the same since pregnancy) and I was having a hard time getting Bailey to sleep. We had our pack and play but the mattress was at home since Mr. Kitty felt the need to urinate on it. UGH bad kitty!! Does anyone know how I would get that out? I am thinking dry cleaning.
Kobi inspecting Bailey's bald spot on Easter

Which leads us to today. I picked up a box of rice cereal last night at the store for Bailey to sample. I really don't need to go into an explanation on this one, I think the pics tell the story here.

She makes it look so appealing doesn't she? The entire time she had this look on her face of "why are you doing this to me?" I tried so hard not to laugh, but come on look at her!

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Close Ups  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 2009: four months old

These are Bailey's typical looks. The second one is my favorite. That is the look she gives me when we make eye contact randomly, she just lights up and it's beautiful. If this happens and it wasn't something she expected, then it quickly turns from that look into an excited little laugh as shown in picture three. And of course now that she has started stage one of teething she always has her fist in her mouth, or a blanket, or her clothes, or a near by toy as shown in picture four. Her feet are constantly kicking, usually up in the air, but this is her little monkey feet pose in picture five.

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BIG Yellow Ducky  

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 2009: four months old

John, Bailey and I went to her Nanny and Poppy's house, aka my Mom and David, for dinner last week. Nanny bought Bailey this really awesome giant stuffed ducky, it's bigger than Bailey! for Easter, but she was so excited she couldn't wait to give it to us LOL. Bailey's nursery is done in a color pallet of yellow, black and white so when she saw this huge yellow duck that matches her room she couldn't pass him up. I know I know, I still haven't posted pics of her nursery yet, but it's still not completed. Candi and I have really tricked this room out, but we still have a few half completed projects left. It's the never ending nursery decor, I blame it on being to sick and tired during pregnancy to do the normal nesting thing so now I am trying to squeeze it in here and there when I can. I'll finally finish by the time we are ready to move into our future house depending on if John isn't effected by the upcoming restructure (announcements are being made on April 9th and 10th so please keep us in your prayers still). Anyway, I snapped a few Easter pics of Bailey and her Ducky for Nanny and wanted to share them. I hope to do a lot of pics this month because spring time is so pretty and so are the dresses :)

She Loves His Hair Patch

Couldn't get a smile out of her in the Bumbo

This proved to be a tricky pose LOL

Unfortunately for Bailey the Ducky is too big to fit in the mouth

So she grew tired of the ducky and ate her dress instead

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