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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

I love having a backyard. I forgot how great they can be. I think I took them for granted as a kid, and now that it's been 10 years since I last lived some where that offered me a backyard, I have grown a whole new appreciation for them. Ours is huge. We don't have any playground equipment, or a pool, or even trees, but it is big full of grass and fenced and that is awesome when you have a tot. I hope that some day we will have the opportunity to do more with what we have, but for now and at her age this is perfect. Bailey's best friend Ian came over to play today, along with his mommy, my bf. We took the kids outside to run around in back and play ball. Normally Bailey doesn't want anything to do with the grass, but she saw Ian running around and needed to be near him so she overcame her fears. And at this moment it made me fully appreciate what a yard has to offer. It's a safe place. A place that offers total peace of mind. No cars to worry about. No strange animals or dogs w/o leashes. No strangers to keep my eye on. Just me and my baby, and whoever else comes to play. And John loves to spend time tossing the football with his nephew, Skylar, or his buddies that come over, looks like he'll have two new little football buddies ;P

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