Easter Bunny  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We did Easter photos today. I have been dying to take her to see the Easter bunny, because Bailey is REALLY outgoing like her Daddy. I was curious to see what her reaction would be to a 10 foot tall bunny rabbit. Would he be traumatizing, exciting, unsure??? Well, she LOVED him. We sat in line for what felt like forever because the photographers had to spend about 15 minutes per kid to try and get them to crack a smile for the camera. People in line kept talking to her and smiling at her and for whatever reason, possibly nap time, she acted shy. I thought that this was a sign that Mr. Bunny would be scary, but once we set her in his big furry lap she lit up from head to toe. She explored his buttons and bow tie, clapped for him and smiled from ear to ear. Oh my gosh she was just so darn cute. Within 2 minutes they had their shot and were shocked at her reaction towards him LOL. We all were I think. It was like he was a giant Mr. Kitty that was welcoming her into his arms. Love at first sight. Totally worth the wait in line, and $20 for two 5x7.

Clapping for finally being able to sit on the Easter bunny
Exploring his coolness
waiting in line for the bunny
Official bunny pic

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