Do not underestimate her sneakiness  

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 2010: 14 months old

I have been missing the very small connector piece to our laptop charger for weeks now. I have looked high and low, cleaned the house top to bottom several times, and checked all of Bailey's usual hiding places (like the drawer underneath the oven, underneath the ottoman, behind the bathroom door, the kitchen drawers, over the kitty gate for the laundry room, the bathtub, etc.) for her treasure stashes without any luck. I was just about to give up and ask John to buy a new one, because this time Bailey has out smarted us all, and even though $50 for a new charger is quite a bit of money it would be worth it by this point, and then I found it. Where was this charger piece you ask? Inside of the couch's base!? I had lifted the couch up to look one last time underneath it, and heard something rattle to the back of the couch coming from inside the couch. Sneaky baby!!!! I couldn't help but laugh at how clever this new hiding spot was, sure I missed my computer, but at least it wasn't something essential like John's car key or our debit cards.

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