The Art Show  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 2009: 4 months old

Since Bailey is now 4 months old, we feel it is time to start introducing her to the wonderful world of art. John has been playing his guitar for her since she was in the womb so that she will share his love of music, and now it is my turn to show her as much art as her little brain can process. We have taken her to her first art show and she loved it.

Actually we were there because for the second year in a row Bella and Skylar's art pieces were displayed to represent there school's art program. It had nothing to do with Bailey, but her Aunt Candi did take her around the room to see all the art and she was just as in to it as the rest of us. Unfortunately I was having so much fun looking at all the cool art myself, that I forgot to photograph Bailey's reactions... BOO! Anyway, only a handful of pieces get selected to be on display from each school... like maybe 20, so it's a big deal and I am very proud of my niece and nephew for their talent. Bella actually had two pieces in the show this year!

Skylar and his "S" sculpture out of Styrofoam block

Bella and her watercolor leaf and butterfly

Middle School Art

High School Art

I miss these days! Skylar is taking Band next year instead of art, so he won't make it in the next art show. But Bella seems to be taking after her mom so I have a feeling we will get to see many of Bella's pieces in future art shows!

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I'm A Burrito!  

March 2009: 4 months old

John, Bailey and I went to my sister's house for dinner earlier this week. Bailey has decided Bella is a fascinating individual, and she has really warmed up to her older cousin. We went over there two night after Bailey received her immunization shots and understandably because of those shots Bailey wasn't her normal happy little self. Every time Bella left the room Bailey would start crying and when she would come back Bailey would suddenly stop and want to see her. Animated exciting Bella seems to be the cure for a cranky baby :o) Bailey is generally a pretty easy going baby, but she does have her OCD moments. For example when she is overly tired or there is too much excitement happening she needs to be swaddled, with the music on specifically from her bouncer, the lights low, and nobody talking for her to nurse without a crying fit... can we say spoiled? Ummm yeah, Bailey needs ambiance in order to eat. If this doesn't happen for her she will not latch, instead she will just cry at me like I am torturing her or something. Silly me, I forgot to bring the music box to Candi's. I should have known she wouldn't cooperate because of the shots, but I wasn't thinking. We tried the swaddle and Candi even put on a music channel, but Bailey wasn't having it. She was starting to gear up to a full melt down in her swaddle blankets just when a happy little Bella popped up on the arm of the couch next to her and started singing about the bundle of Bailey, "I'm a burrrrito, I'm a burrrrito, I'm a burrrrito, wrapped in a blanket!" Bailey found this hilarious. The more Bella sang it the harder Bailey laughed. It's Bailey's new theme song.
I'm a Burrrrito!

I'm a Burrrrito. I'm a Burrrrito!

Wrapped in a Blank-et.

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Four Month Birthday  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 2009: 4 months old

In honor of Bailey's four month birthday we celebrated by taking her to her well baby four month check up at her pediatrician's office. YAY! LOL poor Bailey! She weighed in at 13 pounds and 2 ounces which puts her at the 24th percentile. Doc says that's good and healthy so no worries! She looks chubby to me, but I guess she isn't that chubby in comparison. She measured at 24.25 inches long and that puts her at the 50th percentile. Really? My baby is two feet tall?! Crazy! And I forget exactly how large her head measured in at but it was in the 75th percentile, not surprising because it always measured large even in the womb. Good thing I didn't have to deliver that big head LOL. She is just extra smart ;o) right Bailey? The doc said I could start her on solids if I wanted, but I did a little reading on it and the AARP suggests to wait until 6 months and to keep them on strictly breast milk or formula until then. She seems intrigued by food, but I am not entirely sure she is ready. I might try in a couple weeks and see how she reacts to it. Any opinions on this one? I think once we get past cereals and graduate to the fruits and veggies I am going to use the food processor and make our own fresh baby food. Has anyone had any success with that? I am pretty sure my sis did that with Bella so I will ask her about it too, but I don't mind input on this subject because it will be all new for me.

13 pound 2 ounces

(she looks like she is clasping her hands together like Mr. Burns and saying "excellent")

24 inches... really?

(heehee I love that belly!)

I guess they weren't lying she really is 2 ft tall

Oh yeah, and then they wrapped up her visit by ambushing her with vaccination shots. She was VERY upset about it and has been cranky baby all day. I have dosed her with infant Tylenol and I am hoping she will sleep it off because she seems absolutely miserable. Poor baby!

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Weekend Warriors  

March: 3 months old

We went on our very first out of town adventure with Bailey over the weekend. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive on how this whole thing would go since this would be the first time stuck in a car with Bailey for 4 + hours to Austin, staying in a hotel since she seems a little picky about where she sleeps and what the atmosphere is like when she nurses (I will explain this one later, John thinks it's hillarious and needs to be blogged about), and being in new environment with lots of action and commotion. I was pleasantly surprised on how she took it all in. At home it is not nearly as exciting so it really was any ones guess on how she would react. She slept the whole drive to Austin and started trying to wake up at maybe the last 5 to 10 exits, but really didn't even cry just kinda babbled a little. She was in good spirits at my Dad's house that night, and slept pretty well in the pack and play that night which was the first time she has used it.

The next day we went to my baby cousin Annabel's first birthday party, which was the reason for the weekend trip. She was so cute with her purple hippo cake that she gobbled up in true one year old form, even slapped it around a little in joy. Unfortunatly the hippo bit it face first into the grass, so Annie got a second chance at a cupcake which she seemed to enjoy just the same. We were so happy that we could be there for the birthday celebration, it was so cute and lots of fun. Annie is already standing and doing so many cool things, I think the last time I saw her she was close to the same age as what Bailey is now. It was def fun seeing how much she has grown and how smart she is. I really hope we can come back soon because I want to spend more time with everyone down there, maybe in a setting where it's a little easier to catch up ;o)
That night we had dinner at Dad's again. The first time he met Bailey was when she was one month old and he was pretty sick so he couldn't hold her or get very close to her. This time he was feeling healthy and had a chance to bond with her. They seem to like each other.
The next day it was time to drive home. The ride home was really the only hard part of the trip for Bailey... and the rest of us. SXSW, a huge annual music festival, was coming to an end and so was Spring Break so traffic was horrendous. There were wrecks and construction all up and down I35 so we sat in stop and go traffic for well over 6 hours. Bailey was not a happy camper. Eventually I moved to the back seat with her because she was very upset and she chewed on my hand for several hours and then eventually, once we got into Dallas city limits fell asleep.

But 6 hours of traffic was totally worth it to be a part of Annie's birthday! It was too cute!

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Baby Laughs  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

Lately Bailey has been giggling more and more, which I love, but I can never get a full laugh out of her. I act silly, and make faces, and tickle her, and blow on her tummy, and make funny sound effects, and weird noises... but all I ever get back is a small giggle and a strange look, almost like what you would do if you felt awkward about something or if she is truly pleased about something I will get a big gummy grin and maybe a squeak or two. She's a tough crowd I tell ya. This morning I got a true full fledged happy and delighted laugh out of my little one and it was the sweetest little laugh I have ever heard, like music to the ears. The laughter was brought on by me lifting her over my head and burying my face in her stomach with kisses over and over again. I tried to repeat it a couple hours later for John when he got home, but all I got was the stone cold stare of "what do you think you are doing?" *sigh* At least I got to hear it. Hopefully she will find me more entertaining next month LOL.

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When Baileys Attack  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

Sorry they are fuzzy I snapped them with my cell phone, but she was making me laugh so I had to share. And it begins... stage 1 of everything going into the mouth, soon nothing in arms reach of the baby will be safe.

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Ancient History  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

Miss Bailey has been taking all of her naps and sleeping at night in only her crib since Tuesday. The days of sleeping in the swing are a thing of the past. It's now the end of the week and she is a pro. She is actually sleeping better at night these days, not exactly true for her day time naps, but I imagine that will correct itself in time.


What's next? I guess we'll find out in two weeks at the 4 month well baby check up.

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We did it, We did it, We did it, Yeah!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

This last week Bailey has had a change in sleep patterns. She has been waking up at night every hour to two hours. I believe this may either be a result of her teeth pushing since she has turned into a drool monster or she may no longer be sleeping well with the motion of her swing, which we have already weened her down to the lowest speed setting. With this new exhausting sleep pattern, well actually old exhausting sleep pattern since I went through this with her in the beginning weeks, we felt that it might be time to fully commit to the crib since none of us are getting any sleep anyway. Yesterday seemed like the perfect conditions for success. She had not been able to sleep a descent nap all day and as a bonus it turned into a cool and rainy evening. We gave her a warm bath and a baby massage with her Johnson's sleep comfort baby wash and lotion and snuggled her up in a snug swaddle. I nursed and rocked her to sleep, despite what the doctor said because his way just worked her up way too much for my comfort level or John's, and gently placed her in her crib holding my breath and tip toeing out LOL. Thirty minutes later she started to fuss so I quickly picked her up and repeated the nursing and rocking, and once she was soothed back to sleep she was placed back in her crib. Again she awoke in thirty minutes. The next two times she slept for an hour long stretch each. And then a successful 4.5 hour long stretch! and then finally another two hour stretch. She did not get worked up once, and seemed rather OK about the whole situation instead of it being the traumatizing nightmare that it once was, and the most important thing made it the entire night in her crib!! We are sooo proud of her!!! YAY Bailey!!

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Bailey's Bonnet  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Candi gifted me this sweet vintage hankie for my wedding day as my "something old" and it was pinned underneath my dress. It is actually an old Irish tradition which is fitting since John and I are both Irish and our little girl has a very Irish name. My hankie came with a poem that I thought was very sweet and I am proud to pass this tradition on to Bailey when her wedding day comes.

"The Magic Bonnet"

I'm just a little hankie,

as square as square can be;

but with a stitch or two,

they've made a bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital,

or on the christening day;

then I'll be neatly pressed,

and carefully packed away.

Now on the wedding day,

so I have been told;

every well dressed bride,

must have something old.

so what would be more fitting,

than to find little old me;

a few stitches snipped and a wedding

hankie I'll be.

If by chance it is a boy,

some day he'll wed;

so to his bride he can present,

the hankie once worn upon his head.

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Daddy/Daughter Photo Shoot  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

I am becoming more and more in love with taking pictures now that I have a little one. It's opening up a whole new world of art or a new kind of creative outlet for me! Candi, Kobi, and Jennifer have inspired me. Now I dream of the day when I can have an SLR and some nice photo editing software so I can take my pics to a new level, but for now this point and shoot is great practice for learning about light and angles. I did a Daddy/Daughter photo shoot this morning for as long as Bailey would let me and got some really great pics out of it. You can see the full album on my facebook or myspace, but these are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Cousin Photo Shoot  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

More pettiskirt fun! Bailey and her cousin Bella had their own Valentine pettiskirt photo shoot!

Poor Skylar... by the time we got to him Bailey had had enough fun for the day. We will have to do another one for him and her when she can handle it... if he's not afraid of her that is!

So then we wrapped it up with a Brother Sister shoot, and out of all of them this one is my favorite. Captures the true essence of a brother sister relationship LOL!

Oh Bailey!! Maybe next time you can last a little longer!!

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