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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009: 11 months old

Bailey and I went to the Dallas Arboretum with Holly and Ian yesterday. Turned out to be a beautiful day to go, sunny, not too windy, no rain! I got a lot of cute pics, but I struggled with light all day because it was soo bright, that many of them were over exposed or the babies were squinting in the sun. This was my first trip to the Arboretum, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is so beautiful and interesting, lots of cool photo opps! For a Fall lover, this was a dream with all the fall flowers and pumpkins EVERYWHERE and trees! They even had a cool hut made out of pumpkins, but unfortunately those pics didn't come out because of over exposure. I wish I had been feeling better, I have a cold that's making me all stuffy and sneezy, I wanna go back!!These are just a few of my faves :) the full album is on my facebook. ENJOY!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 2009: 11 months old

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's been a crazy few months! Bailey is now 11 months old! She is crawling super fast now on all fours, seldom drags herself across the floor anymore. She has discovered how cool it is to get into things ie. the kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, entertainment centers, toy boxes, etc. It is a whole new world tearing through these things and discovering the treasures they hold. Definitely time to upgrade the baby proofing! She has developed quite the personality these days playing with toys and playing games of chase and peak a boo with me. And if I am laying on the ground playing with toys with her she finds it entertaining to crawl and climb all over me LOL! She has even started to climb up into my lap to play with her toys, or to climb up me for a cuddle from time to time. She adores Mr. Kitty, who is still very afraid of her and wants nothing to do with her... I think it's the challenge that she loves. Her favorite toy is the Leap Frog Learn and Groove activity table, so cute to watch her punch the buttons and shake her booty. She hasn't shown much interest in TV or kids' shows yet, however she does seem to like that new show Glee, guess it's all the music that draws her attention. And over the last couple of weeks 4 of her top teeth have all cut through, which is why I've had little time to update! One of my best friends, Holly, her son, Ian, and Bailey and I will be headed to the Dallas Arboretum this week to do a pumpkin patch photo shoot of our littles, so I'll be posting those Fall pics soon! Plus I just ordered her Fall/Winter wardrobe off eBay and I am sure when they arrive I will want to play dress up with her and take lots of pics LOL because I'm silly like that. so yeah up to date photos coming soon!

Making plans for Bailey's first birthday!! Can't believe that is coming up in exactly one month!! YIKES time flies!! I believe we will be doing her party the weekend before Thanksgiving since John will definitely be working the weekend of, but he's acting like he can't even get that off so we are still trying to work out an official date. As soon as I know I will be sending invites out to everyone and we hope you all can make it! Her cake will rock for sure hehe!

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Etsy Handmades 2  

Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Ms. Modern's blog, she is doing a new Halloween give away daily and winners will be announced on Halloween. Today she is featuring A Mother's Crochet http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5674943, who does the cutest handmade crochet hats, booties, no slip hair clips, cardigans, and neck warmers. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a baby in knit, so you know I have to spread the word about the cuteness to all you expecting mommies following my blog! The cutest newborn pics are those sweet squishy faced babies with the fun oversized knit hats!!! Love them!!! Hehehe check them out!!!

Ms. Modern has conducted an interview with her on the give away blog and she is giving away a kitty crochet hat any size on Halloween if you are interested in entering!


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Etsy handmades  

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am a big fan of hand made products, and was so excited when I stumbled upon an ad on facebook that peaked my interest. It was for Southern Alchemy which is a company ran by a lady named Marcee who makes custom organic handmade soaps, room sprays, roll on perfumes and my favorite slow burning soy candles. I just placed a big order for soy candles to fill our new home with yummy scents such as Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Coffee Ice Cream, Harvest (fall leaves scent), Red Velvet Cake, Apple Cider, and Frosted Cupcakes. And that was my narrowed down list because she had so many exciting sounding flavors and she describes what scents are in each such as the Red Velvet Cake is a combination of buttercream, chocolate, and vanilla in the scent notes. I can't wait to try them! Her site is http://www.SouthernAlchemy.etsy.com

She is also doing a give away for two hand made fall flavored soy candles, two handmade room/body sprays, one handmade scent sachet, and one handmade soap (a $32 value) on

along with many other registered Etsy sellers as a huge Halloween giveaway extravaganza! Be sure to check it out!

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