First Day of Cakes  

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 2009: 7 months old

Ok still needing to post pics of the 4th. As far as Bailey events this month it has been a pretty mild month. She sits, but still doesn't prefer it. She rolls and doesn't crawl. She says Mama ALL of the time. She is trying to say Dada, but it usually comes across as Wawa... close enough! She has learned to steer her baby raft in the pool by kicking her way toward me. Sleep has been pretty good this month! And she hasn't really shown any stranger anxiety at this point, just separation issues... wishing she could understand what be right back means w/o having a meltdown when mommy runs to grab the phone or something but she cheers back up quickly. She loves all her veggies BIG time, if I let her she would just keep chowing down on them until she was sick. Seems to like all of the grain cereals, but she hates fruit. I have to blend it with cereal to get her to eat it. Seems like that would be the case with veggies and not fruit, but we like to do thing backwards in this house. She is also Popsicle fiend, we discovered this by accident at first and she started grabbing and pawing at them like a little spider monkey. Crazy baby! and she digs some solids like nutrigrain bars, Gerber puffs, and Gerber yogurt melts.

John went to Arizona for work and had a blast. He had the chance to meet up with a lot of our mutual friends that we had made through work and moved away and he thought that was really cool. He also learned all sorts of stuff about home theater equipment which fascinates him, and met the CEO of Monster! He was pleased to get away for a few days, but was more than ready to come home at the end of it and tomorrow his vacation begins and we will be headed to Austin!

I had my first day of cake designing with Breezie's Cakes yesterday and I loved it! My project was a small birthday cake that was sunflower themed, so I learned how to wrap a cake in fondant and create bows and ribbons out of fondant. I did a hand painting of a sunflower on it and then assisted Bree with a beautiful wedding cake! I am looking forward to future cakes and skills and I think Bree and I will make a great team! Bree also did a 3-d Sponge Bob cake this past week for a friend of ours little girl's birthday party that was so cool! Check out her blog to see her latest cakes they are way fun!

Bree was so nice to let me have free reign over the Sunflower Cake so I felt like I gained a lot of experience with my first one already!

The wedding cake I covered the small tier, cut strips of fondant for the ribbon and stripes, and did a little bit of the piping. This was her project and design but I was so pleased to be able to watch and assist in anyway that I could because it is beautiful! She really rocked this cake!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 2009: 7 months old

Month 6 came and went, and I am sure you noticed I was not as diligent about updating the blog as I have been in previous months. This is because month 6 was awful. As a new Mom I have had little sleep for quite some time, but have grown accustomed to living off 6 hours a night and squeezing in naps here and there with whatever Bailey will allow me to. But at the beginning of the month with those new teeth she was unable to sleep, which meant I was not sleeping as well. She refused to sleep both at night and throughout the day for the entire month. You'll notice in the Fuddrucker's picture of the previous entry how tired her eyes look... that pic was taken at the end of the month. I am now trying to play catch up on the blog for what was missed but we are still off and on with sleep so it's a slow process.

This month has been much improved. At the beginning of the month for the first week she would only wake up once and would allow me to rock her for about 10 minutes without nursing and she would fall back asleep for the rest of the night. As I got used to that I started working out and setting a diet plan, but of course she changed it up on me and started waking up every 1-2 hours. I don't know. Sleep is a constant battle in our house. Life would be perfect if it weren't for this one picky detail. It's so back and forth that I have a hard time adjusting. Luckily Bailey is a very happy baby, so it's not miserable just exhausting.

She likes rolling her way to the glass door and playing with the vertical blinds

Bailey's big development aside from the teeth is sitting unsupported, which she started at the tail end of month 6 and is still working on mastering throughout this month 7. So far she can sit for several minutes unsupported, but she has not learned how support herself with her arms to prevent toppling over. Her mobility at this time still consists of rolling, but she has started to aim herself in the direction she wishes to roll... advanced rolling I guess LOL. It looks like she is carpet swimming but what she is actually doing is spinning her body around towards her target and then she starts the rolling. We have started baby proofing, which included removing the coffee table. It has a metal frame which Bailey keeps rolling her way on to and bonking her head. No good.

Sitting unsupported, but we stay close since she topples over after a few minutes

In Johnny's world, he has been invited into a manager acceleration program that should help prepare him for his next role in Best Buy as a future GM. He will also be traveling to Arizona for work next week, which he is both excited about and of course a little sad since it will be his first time away from Bailey for any amount of time. The following week he will be taking a week long vacation, so we are going to try and plan an Austin trip, cousins we hope to see y'all, and that last weekend my Aunt Kathy will be visiting along with my cousin Ashley from California. And at the end of July we should have John's car loan completely paid off, which is the last of our debt... well I have my hospital bill but that is not in the way of anything. Hopefully this should put us in running for a house, we want this so bad!

And in my world like I said I am have just recently decided that enough is enough and to get on the ball with diet and exercise. I have had a bit of a rough start on it because once I started Bailey began rejecting sleep once again, but I am truly motivated and focused so I know results will happen it may just be at a snail's pace. I am also looking into a new business venture with Breezie's Cakes, check out her blog listed on my page! My friend Bree, who created and designed my wedding cake and the groom's cake has been very successful with her business to the point that she is needing extra hands and is thinking about expanding her business. She has invited me to start training with her on some of her busier weekends so that some day I can also fill orders. I am very excited about the possibilities and to be training with Bree because she does amazing work, her cakes are so beautiful! I am a big fan of shows like Charm City Cakes and Food network challenges where they make these insanely creative cakes, and would love to take this on as a new creative outlet! Yes, I am aware that I said I am dieting and in the next breath said I will be making cakes, but cake is not as big of a weakness of mine as ice cream is or straight up chocolate, although I do love a good cake every now a then. Anyway I will keep you posted on my training :)

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Father's Day  

Friday, July 3, 2009

June 2009: 6 months old

John had to work his first Father's Day, but he was off early enough for us to go out to dinner. We met Nanny and Poppy, Aunt Candi and Uncle Kobi, and of course cousins Bella and Skylar at Fuddrucker's for a nice and easy Father's Day meal. John had control of the camera this night so I will post what he photographed as his Father's Day memories. Bailey did make Daddy, Uncle Kobi, Poppy, and Grand Dad (who we got to see the following week!) cards. We weren't able to do two footprints on the card because she has become familiar with this process and wanted to take a more hands on approach this time, proving to make this project a little tricky, but she did a great job!

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Swim Suit Weather  

June 2009: 6 months old

Bailey is sporting one of her new swimming suits :) I love how cute it is on her! You can't see in the pic but the bottoms have pink and orange ruffles on the back. I'll post pics of her in the other one as soon as I get them.

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