Easter 2010  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

As promised the Easter post hehe. I know everyone was at the edge of their seats waiting ;P

This was the first year Bailey has been big enough to enjoy Easter. We got to host Easter at our house this year so I stayed up late the night before cleaning the house, stuffing eggs, and making Easter goody baskets for everyone. My mom brought over our traditional Easter breakfast casserole, fruit and dip, coffee cake and deviled eggs. mmmm yummy! Bailey slept through everyone arriving, and when she finally woke up she was totally shocked to see everyone here to greet her and give her prizes.

My sister brought her an egg that shouts "I'm over here!" "Come find me" and all sorts of cuteness, and when you open it up there is a little animal inside that says "you found me!!!!" Bailey carried that thing around with her most of the morning. When the Easter bunny hid the eggs for her and her cousins to find he made some Bailey friendly eggs filled with gummy snacks and animal cookies that he hid on our patio so she wouldn't have to walk on that scary grass. The rest were filled with all sorts of yummies and strewn across our quarter acre lot for
Bella and Skylar to race after.

Bailey didn't so much hunt the eggs and put them in her basket. She opened the first couple and ate the snacks inside and then started to throw them off the patio into the grass. She likes to throw things these days. Oh well, whatever makes her happy. She may get the concept a little more next year maybe. All in all it was a good day with the family. After everyone left it was nap time, so we all just kinda kicked back and relaxed the rest of the day, and planned our trip for the Arboretum the following day.

Bailey throwing her Easter snacks overboard

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