Pre-Halloween events  

Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been looking forward to the Sachse Pumpkin Prowl for quite some time.  It was featured in our local newsletter as a free event for Halloween set up like an Easter egg hunt but with mini pumpkins.  This was to happen on Saturday evening, the day after we returned home from Colorado.  I had planned to dress Bailey up and meet a bunch of friends w/ kids around Bailey's age to hunt for mini pumpkins together.  But mother nature had other plans and rained us out.  Sadly the event was cancelled :( maybe next year.  I ended up shampooing the carpets instead... not nearly as fun or photograph/blog worthy.

My sister invited us out to to Ghouls on the Lawn in Mckinney last minute, another fun pre Halloween event.  So I dressed Bailey up in a custom vintage Cowgirl outfit that Candi made so she could see it on her, plus I need to make some adjustments to the umpa loompa costume that cousin Annie loaned us (I seriously can't wait to see her in it!).  I have some cowboy boots that my mom bought me when I was Bailey's age when we were moving to Texas, so it completed the outfit (but she took them off on the car ride home so they are yet to be photographed on her).  Bailey and I would be arriving late, because it took me a minute to figure out Bailey's last minute "Jessie" costume and a last minute vampire costume for myself.  By the time we got close to the event traffic came to a stand still.  Then the emergency vehicles came roaring down the street.  Rats, a wreck.  They block off and evacuated the street that I need to be on. We had to turn back :(

The Carminati's were good sports about it and met us at Fuddruckers in time for Johnny to get off work.  They said they were feeling worn out from the event since they had been there for about an hour and a half.  It may have been for the best because Bailey did not like seeing her favorite people in weird hair and clothes.  She may have hated seeing people in full zombie costumes roaming the streets.  We got home and I took at home pics instead.  Hoping that these Halloween events will start working out for us sheesh!

These are her cool Halloween Skeleton Snuggie PJs :)  the bones glow in the dark... and I adore the bow tie and heart!!  She really digs them!!!  I am posting them because they are also kind of costume-like and she wants to wear them all of the time.

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