Monday, October 25, 2010

One of Bailey's special sick day treatments was her very first Starbucks drink.  No I didn't feed my 2 year old coffee, I got her one of the Strawberries and Cream Frappacinos.  Really she wouldn't eat much so I always offered her a large variety of things to choose from, this happened to be her favorite... the Gogurt came in second.  

and as she started to feel better I gave her her first bowl of cereal.  I give her cereal all the time for snack but haven't dared to give her an open bowl of liquids.  She has really seemed to get the hang of using forks and spoons w/o a problem and have shared many of my morning bowls of cereal so it seemed to be a good time to let her try something new.  

this made her happy!  and another way for me to get milk (she hates milk) in her diet.  

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