The wedding  

Monday, October 25, 2010

 Barbara and Jedi's wedding was beautiful of course!  Still waiting to see the photographer pictures but until then I have just a couple wedding day pics.  They had a vintage carnival theme going on w/ a photo booth, tons of kooky props, and an open bar which I am sure made for some interesting photos.  Genius!  This photobooth would print out double of the photos, one for you to keep and the other for you to write the couple a message on for them to use for their guest book!  I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to mess with it since I was in the wedding as a bridesmaid and their would be plenty of pics of me and the Bride.  I absolutely love her bridal party!  Every time I am around those girls they make me laugh, it really was a great day.    

 John and I getting drinks after the ceremony

Photo booth pics...

We may have had a few drinks at this point

Because of some room debacles, the wedding was delayed.  Which meant that we couldn't do the scheduled photo shoot before the wedding.  We waited until afterwords, and by the time we were done everyone was ready to get into their comfies and relax.  We tried to dismantle the Bride.... these are a couple of the bridesmaids trying to remove Barbara's hair extensions.  

I remember at one point, Erin, said something about the stylist weaving them into her hair and that they were impossible to remove.  Poor Barbara was almost in tears as they tried to pull them out of her hair.  and I am snapping away on my cell LOL. They asked for my help and I quickly realized they just snap out.  awe poor Barbara!!

It was not to long after this point when I received a phone call from my sister saying Bailey was sick she seemed to have a soar throat and wasn't eating so we should come get her.   We didn't get a chance to hang around for the after party. 

I dosed Bailey with some Motrin when we got home and she ate an entire Gerber Graduates macaroni meal, some yogurt and some snacks.  I had hoped that she was already feeling better, but around 6 am I heard some pathetic little sick whines over the baby monitor and went to check on her.  I found her burning up and red faced.  I stripped her down and took her temp... the thermometer climbed up to 103.3  before she wiggled away from it.  YIKES B!!!  First time she has been truly sick.  I dosed her again and we rushed off to the doc.  They said she has herpengina or coxsachievirus... two very unfortunate names I must say!  The only meds to take for this is IBU profen for pain and fever, and mixture of half Benedril and half Malox to coat the lesions in her throat.  This mixture must have tasted awful because she would purse her lips tightly and hide her face when it came time to take her meds.  And if I managed to get it in her mouth she would gag and sometimes throw up.  It took her about five days to get over it.  She spent those five days laying on me, and if I dared to get up for any reason she would cry the saddest cry I have ever heard.   But happily she is back to normal!!  :D  

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