Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our exciting news here lately is John got his big promotion!!  Three months ago he was promoted to be a District Financial Manager, which is still considered a test position.  But even though he just took on a new role he was still offered to become the General Manager of one of the stores in our district!  Unfortunately it is not very close to the house, about an hour commute, but this is the position he's been reaching for for the last three years and now he gets his shot!  Even with his short stay in the last position he was awarded District Financial Manager of the year at a conference he is currently attending!  We are so fortunate that he has a job he loves so much, and so excited about this new position.  Such a huge blessing!!!  

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up.  This week is wedding week!  and then John will be taking a vacation before holiday block kicks in so we'll be off to Colorado to visit my best friend Jen and her new little one, and her other little one's first birthday!  Can't wait!  And then I will be cramming in Halloween events.  Bailey will be an umpa loompa this year, costume borrowed from her second cousin Annie who rocked it last year hehe.  Stay tuned...   

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