Monday, October 25, 2010

The timing of Bailey's sickness fell in an awkward spot.  It was right after the wedding rush, and right before a planned trip to Colorado to visit my friend Jen.  Jen just had her second baby a few weeks ago, and John was due for vacation before the holiday block out.  We would have cancelled if Bailey still seemed sick but she had been looking pretty perky for several days and didn't have any lesions left in her mouth.  We waited one extra day before making our trip.  We drove, overnight so Bailey could sleep most the way.  And really if you have never tried mobile video, it is amazing!  As soon as Bailey seemed over sitting in her car seat I popped Yo Gabba in and she was instantly hooked.  The car suddenly became more tolerable for her, and it even helped put her back to sleep.  I borrowed it from a friend but now I want I want I want!!!

When we arrived it took about a day and a half for Bailey to get adjusted.  I was a little worried we might have to leave early because I didn't want to stress Jen out with a crazy toddler.  But I had a heart to heart with B and explained what was happening and we took a long cuddly nap together and when she woke up she was totally at ease with the situation and started to enjoy herself.

Several months ago when Jen brought her baby boy Loyal to visit us in Dallas, Bailey didn't seem to be in love with him.  But this time she was very entertained.  Maybe it's that he's one now and more relatable... who knows.  She was also in love with Loyal's Daddy.  He is incredibly tall, and has fun hair, and quiet low voice.  Every time he spoke she would look at him in awe and admiration.  She was curious about the newborn Zenea, but wasn't having it when I would try to hold her.  We hit up two spots for photo opps, one at a pumpkin patch in Longmont, and the other at a park in Bolder.  

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