Did I mention I love Colorado?  

Monday, October 25, 2010

seriously I have over 200 pics that I love from Colorado so picking just a few favorites for the blog is tricky business.  These are just some scenery and pumpkin patch photos I took that need to be blogged about because you know how I love Fall :)

We were a couple of weeks too late to get awesome sunflower pics, but I found the dried ones pretty interesting anyways.  Just look at all the seeds in them!  And the trees were soooo beautiful!  I swear they would glow they were so rich with color.  Some of the trees were full of deep reds and other in golds and bright yellow with just a few green ones.  Absolutely breathtaking with a mountain backdrop full of evergreens. 

We would love to make this an annual trip since John is always in need of a vacation before the holiday hit and I can't think of a better place to celebrate Fall than in Colorado.  We are thinking of looking in to finding a cabin to rent since it would be an off season for tourists it might be pretty affordable.  If so, we'd love it if cousins and friends wanted to join us next time ;)  

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