Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Halloween Bailey was an Umpa Loompa, thanks to cousin Annie for lending us her costume complete with make up, hair color and shoes from last year :)

Bailey didn't mind me spraying her down with green hairspray, guess she's used to it with the detangler every night.  But when it came to the make up she was more than happy to help.  Once she realized stuff came off when she touched her face she was all about rubbing her eyes and cheeks.  So quickly after it was applied it just started looking like her face was super dirty LOL.  I snapped a couple pics and then we took what was left of it off of her.  

I had a budget costume of a witch.  Originally it was just going to be a witch hat, but then I found cool eyelashes and black light make up when I was picking out a Halloween pale for Bailey yeah.  I never did find a black light to see the overall effect :(  maybe next year?   

Our friend Ian came to trick or treat with us.  He was a cute little hobo, and was totally ready to put on the charm to get some candy.   

John got to fulfill his life long dream of being a ghostbuster.  Looks a lot like Ray with his haircut hehe  maybe I'll be Zuul next year and Bailey can be Slimer.  

This is Bailey's first "real" Halloween.  She got to dress up last year and all, but she was just a tiny so we didn't Trick or Treat or anything.  And last year I never had a single Trick or Treater so I was a little bummed I couldn't show her off.  This year we had a couple little groups of kids come to the door, so their is hope for better future turn outs!  Bailey didn't quite understand what we were up to at first with the bucket and the costume...

But once she realized that she got to ring doorbells, knock on doors, talk to strangers, and get candy, she quickly became a pro.  I tried to teach her in advance to say Trick or Treat, but she just laughed every time I said it to her.  

Even though we only went to a handful of houses... no more than 8 I'd say, our neighbors were more than generous to give us candy by the fistfuls.  Most of them hadn't seen a Trick or Treater all night and were more than happy to unload their candy on us.

That night Bailey and Ian crashed early, so Holly and I carved up our pumpkins.  Better late than never! I did the haunted house, and Holly did a spider in a web... her candle was going out in hers so this was the best pic I could get of it (I liked how the spider's eyes were glowing).  We also watched the movie Paranormal Activity with John, the first one, I hear the second one is WAY more intense.  All three of us are total scaredy cats when it comes to ghosts and scarey movies... so it was interesting haha, we probably couldn't handle the second one.  It took everything I had to resist playing some mean jokes on John later that night when we were going to bed, but I resisted and let him freak out on his own doing.     

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