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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009: 6 months old

As a store manager for Best Buy, John works pretty long hours, usually 10+ a day 5+ days a week. Even though he is a busy guy he still finds a way to have one on one time with Bailey most days out of the week (the exception is when he is working one of those mid day shifts where he leaves right before she wakes up and gets home right after she has gone to bed for the night). On the days that he is scheduled to close the store and won't be arriving home until close to midnight he makes sure to wake up with her and spend the whole morning with her and even allows me to sleep in a little like a sweet husband and a good Daddy would do. We love him for all the little things that he does! I am not sure what all the two of them get into in the mornings except for what I over hear on the baby monitor when he surprises her at the crib, which she responds with a fit of laughter. I do know that part of their special morning routine involves jumping in the car to go get breakfast and I am pretty sure the other part of the morning involves Guitar Hero LOL. They are cute together, and I am so happy that she has a Daddy who tries so hard to stay involved in her day.

On a Very Serious Breakfast Mission with Daddy

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