Bailey's First Art Project  

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 2009: 5 months old

Bailey has created her first series of masterpieces, Mother's Day cards, with the help of Mommy and Daddy. She made her first card for her favorite Aunt Candi with Mommy's help since the Carminatti's were coming over for dinner, then she told me that she wanted to make one for Nanny and me too. So I let Daddy know she wanted help with that and they went to work on mine first thing Mother's Day morning, bright and very early. Did I mention she was so excited to wish me a Happy Mommy's Day that instead of waking at ten like normal she got up at 6:45 am... awe motherhood hehe Daddy took over for me after she ate and let me get some rest. John and Bailey made me a very sweet card with an original poem written on the inside. Very cute. Bailey wanted to make foot prints on the front of the card, but Daddy was afraid of the mess so he asked me to help her with that part LOL. Messy indeed! Bailey is very fond of grabbing and eating her feet so it was not easy containing the mess, but still fun! The paint we used was a non toxic craft paint, so no Bailey's were harmed in the making of these cards.

Bailey was pleased with the results of her first craft project, and so was I. As far as Mother's Day went it was pretty special. Originally John was scheduled to work all day and I was a little bummed about that, but Candi said she would come over with the kids and keep me company. I had planned on making a yummy seafood dinner all week, and then last minute John's boss had to redo the schedule because the other manager who lost her position at his store got a new job and had to start right away. His boss ended up giving him Sunday off after all! I already had the menu planned so I ended up cooking all day while he got to play video games BOO! but it turned out very yummy and I was pleased to have the entire Carminatti family over partaking in Mother's Day fun. I made some yummy shrimp stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, for dinner I made zesty lime and honey marinated tuna steaks with a veggie and lemon shrimp pasta, and for dessert a pistachio pudding cheesecake pie. This dinner project took way longer than anticipated because I made everything from scratch, including the marinade, but it was all so good! My favorites were the mushrooms by far! Next year I vote going out LOL!

Bailey kicking back after a long morning of crafts

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2 comments: to “ Bailey's First Art Project

  • jpeck
    May 11, 2009 at 5:32 PM  

    Good grief girl!! That dinner sounds amazing, but like A LOT of hard work! I won't tell Sam. I have him convinced that Mom's aren't supposed to cook on that day :).

  • alyak23
    May 11, 2009 at 8:54 PM  

    OMG so much work, I had no idea! I had a friend that used to come over on nights her husband was working late and we'd cook together, we had made these things before but it didn't take near as long when there where two of us!

    At least I had Candi to entertain Bailey, because you know as soon as everything started smelling good she decided she was hungry, which makes cooking impossible! I would have planned something he could make if I knew he was going to be home, but I didn't find out until he came home from work the night before. Next year he's cooking or taking me out LOL those are the options!

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