Summer Time  

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 2009: 6 months old

It is official, summer time is here! The kids will be getting out of school for the summer this week and hopefully be spending lots of time with their Aunt Kayla by the pool. On Saturday Candi and the kiddos came by in the evening to take a dip in the pool and eat some pizza. This was Bailey's first time to experience a pool. I think that it still needs to warm up a little for her to fully enjoy it, she seemed unsure about all of it. It was pretty chaotic with all of the kids splashing her, she seemed overwhelmed by her first experience. I don't typically give Bailey a passy, but she was very happy to see it when I brought it out as a back up plan. She hung on to it for dear life and made happy little grunts as she sucked away LOL. We then hopped in the hot tub to warm up a little and Bailey instantly relaxed. She was perfectly still, kicked back with her chillin' arm propped up on me and her little feet out. It was much quieter in there and best of all no splashy older ones to dodge. No doubt about it, the hot tub was more of her thing (closer to bath time that she adores so much). I am hoping she will warm up to the pool as the water warms up. John and I will be swim suit shopping for her tomorrow, and I hope to get some less distressed pics this weekend.

She has not cared about the passy since the pool trip, I guess it was just a bit of security for her in an overwhelming place. Now when I try to give it to her she will suck on it for about 30 seconds and pull it out of her mouth to inspect it then tosses it aside. But I don't mind at the moment, because she has started to say Ma Ma when she whines. She hasn't shown any signs of associating the new sounds to me, but it still sounds sweet to my ears!

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