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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March: 3 months old

We went on our very first out of town adventure with Bailey over the weekend. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive on how this whole thing would go since this would be the first time stuck in a car with Bailey for 4 + hours to Austin, staying in a hotel since she seems a little picky about where she sleeps and what the atmosphere is like when she nurses (I will explain this one later, John thinks it's hillarious and needs to be blogged about), and being in new environment with lots of action and commotion. I was pleasantly surprised on how she took it all in. At home it is not nearly as exciting so it really was any ones guess on how she would react. She slept the whole drive to Austin and started trying to wake up at maybe the last 5 to 10 exits, but really didn't even cry just kinda babbled a little. She was in good spirits at my Dad's house that night, and slept pretty well in the pack and play that night which was the first time she has used it.

The next day we went to my baby cousin Annabel's first birthday party, which was the reason for the weekend trip. She was so cute with her purple hippo cake that she gobbled up in true one year old form, even slapped it around a little in joy. Unfortunatly the hippo bit it face first into the grass, so Annie got a second chance at a cupcake which she seemed to enjoy just the same. We were so happy that we could be there for the birthday celebration, it was so cute and lots of fun. Annie is already standing and doing so many cool things, I think the last time I saw her she was close to the same age as what Bailey is now. It was def fun seeing how much she has grown and how smart she is. I really hope we can come back soon because I want to spend more time with everyone down there, maybe in a setting where it's a little easier to catch up ;o)
That night we had dinner at Dad's again. The first time he met Bailey was when she was one month old and he was pretty sick so he couldn't hold her or get very close to her. This time he was feeling healthy and had a chance to bond with her. They seem to like each other.
The next day it was time to drive home. The ride home was really the only hard part of the trip for Bailey... and the rest of us. SXSW, a huge annual music festival, was coming to an end and so was Spring Break so traffic was horrendous. There were wrecks and construction all up and down I35 so we sat in stop and go traffic for well over 6 hours. Bailey was not a happy camper. Eventually I moved to the back seat with her because she was very upset and she chewed on my hand for several hours and then eventually, once we got into Dallas city limits fell asleep.

But 6 hours of traffic was totally worth it to be a part of Annie's birthday! It was too cute!

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  • jpeck
    March 26, 2009 at 11:01 AM  

    It was so good to see you guys! I agree next time we need to try to hang out in a small crowd so everyone can talk more. I feel like I'm always chasing my kids at big get-togethers.

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