Bailey's Bonnet  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Candi gifted me this sweet vintage hankie for my wedding day as my "something old" and it was pinned underneath my dress. It is actually an old Irish tradition which is fitting since John and I are both Irish and our little girl has a very Irish name. My hankie came with a poem that I thought was very sweet and I am proud to pass this tradition on to Bailey when her wedding day comes.

"The Magic Bonnet"

I'm just a little hankie,

as square as square can be;

but with a stitch or two,

they've made a bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital,

or on the christening day;

then I'll be neatly pressed,

and carefully packed away.

Now on the wedding day,

so I have been told;

every well dressed bride,

must have something old.

so what would be more fitting,

than to find little old me;

a few stitches snipped and a wedding

hankie I'll be.

If by chance it is a boy,

some day he'll wed;

so to his bride he can present,

the hankie once worn upon his head.

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