Four Month Birthday  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 2009: 4 months old

In honor of Bailey's four month birthday we celebrated by taking her to her well baby four month check up at her pediatrician's office. YAY! LOL poor Bailey! She weighed in at 13 pounds and 2 ounces which puts her at the 24th percentile. Doc says that's good and healthy so no worries! She looks chubby to me, but I guess she isn't that chubby in comparison. She measured at 24.25 inches long and that puts her at the 50th percentile. Really? My baby is two feet tall?! Crazy! And I forget exactly how large her head measured in at but it was in the 75th percentile, not surprising because it always measured large even in the womb. Good thing I didn't have to deliver that big head LOL. She is just extra smart ;o) right Bailey? The doc said I could start her on solids if I wanted, but I did a little reading on it and the AARP suggests to wait until 6 months and to keep them on strictly breast milk or formula until then. She seems intrigued by food, but I am not entirely sure she is ready. I might try in a couple weeks and see how she reacts to it. Any opinions on this one? I think once we get past cereals and graduate to the fruits and veggies I am going to use the food processor and make our own fresh baby food. Has anyone had any success with that? I am pretty sure my sis did that with Bella so I will ask her about it too, but I don't mind input on this subject because it will be all new for me.

13 pound 2 ounces

(she looks like she is clasping her hands together like Mr. Burns and saying "excellent")

24 inches... really?

(heehee I love that belly!)

I guess they weren't lying she really is 2 ft tall

Oh yeah, and then they wrapped up her visit by ambushing her with vaccination shots. She was VERY upset about it and has been cranky baby all day. I have dosed her with infant Tylenol and I am hoping she will sleep it off because she seems absolutely miserable. Poor baby!

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3 comments: to “ Four Month Birthday

  • Breezie's Cakes
    March 26, 2009 at 7:42 AM  

    She is so stinkin cute!! I'd try mixing a little cereal with some formula just to see what she thinks about the texture. I've known a lot of people that had success with making their own baby food, and the lady that used to keep my kids made all the baby food from scratch. It's time consuming but I've heard it tastes better. I didn't have the time to make my own baby food, but when my brother and sister were born my mom had to make the baby food because feeding twins Gerber was not easy on the pocket book. I'd try it! :)

  • jpeck
    March 26, 2009 at 11:05 AM  

    I waited until 6 months with Samantha. I think with Jack we tested out cereal mixed w/breast milk a little earlier (around 5 maybe 4 months). I never made much food from scratch, although I think it's a wonderful idea. The few times I tried it with Samantha, she wouldn't touch it, so I went back to the baby food jars.

  • alyak23
    March 26, 2009 at 1:52 PM  

    I am thinking the less preservatives in her diet the better. And if we can afford it I would like to keep her on organics, at least for a while anyway. I did a research paper in college on organics vs. regular foods and it seemed that the pesticides and preservatives did the most damages on little bodies. Scared me.

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