Baby Laughs  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 2009: 3 months old

Lately Bailey has been giggling more and more, which I love, but I can never get a full laugh out of her. I act silly, and make faces, and tickle her, and blow on her tummy, and make funny sound effects, and weird noises... but all I ever get back is a small giggle and a strange look, almost like what you would do if you felt awkward about something or if she is truly pleased about something I will get a big gummy grin and maybe a squeak or two. She's a tough crowd I tell ya. This morning I got a true full fledged happy and delighted laugh out of my little one and it was the sweetest little laugh I have ever heard, like music to the ears. The laughter was brought on by me lifting her over my head and burying my face in her stomach with kisses over and over again. I tried to repeat it a couple hours later for John when he got home, but all I got was the stone cold stare of "what do you think you are doing?" *sigh* At least I got to hear it. Hopefully she will find me more entertaining next month LOL.

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