Six Month Birthday  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 2010:  18 months old

Bailey is 18 months old today!  I wouldn't trade life with my daughter for anything.  It has been such an amazing experience to raise this little girl.  She is my little ray of sunshine on even some of my most miserable days.  I was a little nervous about giving up my freedom to be a Mommy, but I can't even remember life without her.  It definitely wasn't as fulfilling!  Seeing John as a Daddy made me fall in love with him all over again.  She is my little side kick, with me every where I go no matter what I am doing, always trying to "help".  I just adore her!  I love hearing her little baby jibberish, and watching her little facial expressions as she is trying to tell me something very important.  I love how she sneaks up on us and RAWRS at us!  I love how she drags her little blanky around the house draped over her shoulder.  And I love finding her new hiding spots for her many treasures.  I love how she waits for me to fill up her sippy cup with her hands behind her back.  I love how she comes up behind me and hugs my leg.  I love her ut-oh face.  and I love how she picks things up with her toes LOL.   

I have been working out like a mad woman and it feels great!  I have never been successful working out at home, but being part of a gym makes all the difference.  When I am at home I always manage to put it off until it's too late and then I think tomorrow and it never happens.  But with the gym I am pushed to do this before John leaves for work, and once I get in my car and head that direction I am fully motivated.  It's a nice break to get a little "me" time.  To focus on my goals.  I have a long road ahead of me for weight loss, but I feel motivated and have made some adjustments to our life style now that I have a car.  I haven't yet braved taking Bailey into the gym's daycare because I have never left her with a stranger before.  I know I would be right there, but I still have anxiety towards all of that.  I do feel positive that she would probably enjoy it, I just have to work up the nerves to feel comfortable with it.  I know it's silly and over protective, but I'll get there sooner or later!  I am sure it will help break me in for when it's time to enroll her into a preschool, which we both agree we would like to do that as early as possible a few days out of the week.  

Our cake business has been blowing up lately!  We have had at least one or more cake orders for every weekend booked up passed July along with tastings.  Last weekend we did our first and last Jeep cake.  The bars gave us so many issues on that Jeep that it almost doesn't feel worth it LOL, although I think if we did have to do another one there would be easier ways to achieve the desired result.  We have a guitar cake next weekend that we are going to try to make play a song along with a grad cake.  and the pics I have posted are of my Wedding Paper Divas invite project.  

Wedding Paper Divas Charcoal and Yellow invite... who says you can't use gray and black in a wedding?
I used the invite as more of inspiration rather than copying the design directly
I tried to go for the same modern twist to a vintage pattern like they did

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2 comments: to “ Six Month Birthday

  • Jennifer
    May 26, 2010 at 6:45 PM  

    Happy 18 month birthday to Bailey! I know what you mean about the anxiety of leaving them with strangers. S& J have never had a non-family member babysitter. I do think the Preschool experience has been a good one (for all of us).

    Good news about the business and working out too! I need to get back to the gym. I stopped going when I got pg last summer, and never started again. Def. makes me feel better too.

  • alyak23
    May 28, 2010 at 10:16 PM  

    Most of my worry comes from the random mix of age groups all thrown together with just one or two employees watching. And the gym is so busy all of the time (you can barely find a parking spot ever!), it's all very overwhelming to me thinking about her being there. But I do fully enjoy my workouts, and even though I am pathetically out of shape I have noticed a definite impact on my overall happiness level.

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