Mudding Truck Cake  

Monday, May 3, 2010

Prior to this cake, the only other sculptural cake I've had a chance to work on was a Littlest Pet Shop Cake for a friend from High School's daughter's birthday.  When we created that cake we used rice crispy treats for a majority of the shaping, and the head was cake.  This one was a little scary because it was my first time carving cake, but I was thankful that it was a cakey shaped project so it was relatively low stress.  If I would have had more time to plan this cake I would change one thing about the over all structure, and that is to make the wheel wells sculpted instead of just painted on... however I didn't have a support system figured out to be able to do that safely so I improvised.  Overall I am satisfied with the way this cake turned out.  I have decided I need an airbrush so that future cakes of this nature can have a more consistent paint job (Bree has one, but it wasn't accessible to me). My main fear was that it would come across too cartoony, but I think I added enough details for it to hit the targeted age.  Happy 16th birthday Hunter!  Hope you get your wheels soon ;oP   

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