Mother's Day  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 2010:  17 months old

We got back from our trip Saturday and then Sunday was Mother's Day.  We were still a little exhausted from traveling so we planned for a nice family meal at home.  We invite Nanny and Poppy, and Aunt Candi, Uncle Kobi, Cousins Bella and Skylar over for fajitas.  Last year I cooked for everyone, but it was so much work that this year I requested John to be the chef.  He grilled, his specialty :)  and went all out on cooking with beef, chicken, shrimp, and veggies, mexican rice, and black beans.  Candi brought dessert and Mom brought the wine.  I love it when everyone comes over, makes it super easy with the baby and is always a fun time.  John and Bailey got me a card that I haven't seen yet, because it is recordable and he wants a Bailey sound bite before he gives it to me LOL so that might take a minute, and I also got to go the next day to 24 hour fitness and finally sign up.  I've been wanting to do this for a while because for obvious reasons I need to regain my physical health back, but I have not really been able to commit to a gym membership until now because of the one car situation.  I am so excited to meet with my personal trainer tomorrow to get a fitness plan started and to focus on myself for once!    

We went shopping on Monday to get John a few new dress shirts... got to bulk up now that he can't wear his Best Buy blue shirts any longer.  And I bought Bailey some new summer clothes.  She is still in 9 month clothes... and even some of those are too big for her!  I am always so stumped on what to get her because she is almost 18 months but is still so tiny, fairly tall but tiny.  and now that she is running around she is slimming even more.  I swear I feed her, and she eats really well, but some how she has some crazy metabolism maybe?  Last summer's clothes were 3 month outfits, which she can still wear but she's a little tall for most of them.  I usually go on ebay and buy her large lots of name brand clothes for cheap but was scared to buy a ton in case she hits a growth spurt and catches up to her age group some how.  Is it because she's a girl?   

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1 comments: to “ Mother's Day

  • Jennifer
    May 17, 2010 at 11:52 AM  

    Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

    I think all kids are just really different with how they grow. My pediatrician always stresses the growth curve, rather than if they're an average size. She says as long as they don't fall way off of their own growth curve, everything is hunky dory. My kids are all kind of big, and usually at the top of the percentile charts. Especially the boys. But I have a lot of friends with babies at the other end of the percentiles and they're just fine! I think it's just genetics!

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