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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 2010:  17 months old

As you read in my previous post my Dad had invited us out to Lake Buchanan for a mini vacation.  He told me he would talk to his friend and see if the cabin was free for us to stay in and didn't really tell me in detail anything else about this place.  I didn't think to ask much about it since the plans were up in the air on if we were even going to be able to go.  We got confirmation on Tuesday that it was free, and headed out Wednesday morning.  

Cabin is an understatement.  Apparently this was some oil Tycoon's piece of land large enough to be an entire city in acreage, and the "cabin" is actually a 4000 sq ft ranch house built in the 30's.  The land was really neat, full of trees, wildflowers, lakes, and cacti.  And the wildlife was pretty interesting as well.  We were greeted on the ranch by a roadrunner, who ran beside our vehicle for some time.  There is a rancher that takes care of some large cattle and horses that are free to graze the land.  And there are a good many of wild pigs, turkey and deer that roam the land as well.  I am sure there are more random breeds of things but that is the list of interesting creatures that I met on my stay.  

Although the land is quite captivating, I found it to be more of a boys club than a nice family oriented vacation spot.  The boys left Bailey and I at the ranch house a good majority of the trip to hunt and fish.   I might have enjoyed myself more if the house wasn't such an interesting place to a toddler.  Being out in the country they get the occasional varmint in the house, so they had mouse poison hiding in every nook and cranny.  Bailey enjoyed the scavenger hunt of finding the hidden poisons... fun.   And the unlocked cabinets filled with mason jars.  And climbing up the giant stairwell every time my back was turned.  and sneaking into one of the bathrooms to clog up the toilet with the contents of the waste basket.  I hovered the entire time trying to prevent such issues, but it only takes a second.  

Despite the many tears and tantrums over mean Mommy telling her no and taking away her newly discovered treasures, she bonded even closer to me because of all of my CONSTANT attention.  I did my best to keep her entertained and distracted from crazy things that parents don't want their toddlers to have access to, so she cuddled and loved on me way more than normal.  She was actually really really good (curious, but good).  She listened when I said no, she slept in her pack and play no problem, even went down for naps (which has been an issue with other trips we've taken) and was very social to all of the relatives.  And even though they played separate both John and Bailey had a great time, it was more tiresome and stressful in my shoes.  I wouldn't mind going back, but I really don't think it's the best vacation spot with a toddler... so maybe without Bailey next time?  Or maybe not for three days, keep it limited to shorter time slots so it's not so exhausting.  I don't know, I'll have to plan it out better if I dare to try again with her.  

Also, as I mentioned before, John had to leave one of the days to go to a job interview.  And he got the promotion!  He is now a Territory Finance Solutions Manager.  We are so proud of him!!  He will be over his district that he has been working in out of Dallas, and also the west Texas district.  It will require some travel, but in general his hours will be better, it gives him multi unit experience, and lots of networking opportunities.  YAY John!!!!  We knew you could do it!

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