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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 2009: 2 months old

YAY found my memory card reader's cable so I got a chance to upload all of the pics from our real camera. It is amazing how much she has changed in appearance in these two months! I can hardly believe my eyes!

This is a video of her playing with her fish. I am sure it's probably not exciting for most, but I am a proud Momma so I am sharing it. She is totally trying to get that fish, she just doesn't have a ton of coordination yet... it'll come Bailey, be patient! hehe be sure to notice her onesie LOL.

These are pics of yesterday morning after the ambush at the Dr. appoinment :o) She just looked so sweet in her little pj's and her messy hair!
And now for some old ones that I couldn't post until just now! Look how much she has changed! These pics of her in the red dress were taken on the day we got to bring her home from the hospital!of course I have to post some cuties of her first time meeting Bella, Skylar and Alyssa!hehe sorry they are late, but better late than never! I thought the are too cute so I had to share them!

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