Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 2009: 1 month old

Bailey just puked for the first time. It shot out of her mouth and nose about half a foot in front of her covering the both of us. She seemed more bothered by me removing her soiled clothes than the actual act of puking so that's good at least. I am quite impressed by the amount and distance she got for being such a little thing. No worries we bathed and she has some fresh pj's on and now she is taking a nap on Daddy. I am hoping she is done with all of that for the rest of the night.

I am very excited though about this new thermometer I purchased off ebay. I had began to worry about my little one's immune system because it seems anybody and everybody is sick right now and most of them fail to mention this to me before they come over or when we come to them. After my Dad's visit, which he did mention he was coming down with something, but I seriously underestimated the something because it sounded like what John and I have been battling and judging by the fever he seemed to be running it was definitely not the same thing... anyway for good reason I have become super concerned for her health because I am really not fully prepared for her to be around all of these germs. Bailey received a gift card to Target for Christmas from her Great Aunt Janet so I thought that maybe I should use it towards a fancy thermometer that I could trust but wouldn't be as evasive as a rectal thermometer. Honestly I know rectal is the most accurate, but it just seems mean to probe a sick baby constantly, and since I am paranoid you know it would be constant. Anyway I never buy anything without going online and reading what the customer reviews have to say about it. I found one that uses infrared and just scans the forehead without even touching anything giving an accurate temp within one second. Crazy! Customers raved on and on about it on all the websites I researched, but it was $90 everywhere I looked. I cross checked it with ebay and got a brand new one in sealed packaging for a quarter of the price so I snagged it. It also came with a pacifier that has a liquid medicine chamber to make sure baby swallows all of her medicine.
After the puking episode I had John go check the mail and it arrived! Right in time! No fever which is reassuring, maybe she didn't catch Granddad's super bug after all. Fever or no fever we are still calling the Dr. tomorrow because she has a cough that developed earlier today, and I am going to bring our thermometer and compare it's reading with his to make sure it's accurate like the reviews claim it to be. If it truly is then I believe this is one of the coolest new inventions! A no touch thermometer that will never wake a sleeping baby.

We just got back from her check up and it is confirmed that she has a little baby cold. Fortunately it's nothing to be concerned about at this point because her lungs are clear so no meds are needed just the humidifier during nap times. I on the other hand have been prescribed a z-pack to help clear up my soar throat, looked like strep, and I have been cleared to start low impact exercise (walking is all I am aloud to do for the next 4-6 weeks but that's better than nothing... now if only it wasn't freezing outside). Perhaps some of those antibiotics will help out little Bailey through the breast milk, not sure if it works like that but maybe. She was weighed at her check up and came in at a whopping 9 pounds 12 ounces! That little chunky monkey has gained 3 pounds in a little over 30 days. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I know it's good that she is gaining, but is that too much in just 30 days?

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