"She's Got Designer Shades Just to Hide Her Face...  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

... she probably thinks that she's cooler than me."  -Mike Posner

Bailey seems to LOVE her accys.  Lately she has honed in on sunglasses.  Ashley had about three different shades in the boxes of clothes that she dropped off a couple of weeks ago.  Bailey has sunglasses but has never shown any interest in wearing them for longer than a minute.  But then randomly she started loving them.  She wants to wear them during diaper changes, when she gets out of her bath, gets her hair combed, her teeth brushed and of course she shares the love by putting them on us too.  The other night she had been wearing them as we were getting her ready for bed, and she some how smuggled them with her to the crib.  About thirty minutes after laying her down she starts crying loudly.  I walk into her room to check on her, flip on the light, and to my surprise she was standing in her crib with her sweet pj's, her favorite blanky in one arm, water bottle in the other, paci in the mouth and her sunglasses as she is crying for me.  I had no idea she even had them with her so I was dying laughing and called John in to laugh too.  I think the sunglasses made her room too dark and she freaked out a little LOL.  I hope I never forget that image!!  She was the cutest!

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