Getting ready for Fall  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Texas, and it's hot outside and probably will be for a while.  But every now and then the weather changes and the clouds roll in, dropping the temps and it is wonderful.  I just love Fall.  Easily my favorite time of year in Texas.  The one time of year where it actually feels good to be outside.  The summer here is so hot it can melt your flesh off.  I remember marching band in High School.  We would practice after school on the black asphalt, and it would be so hot that at times the soles of my shoes would begin to melt and stick to the ground... or maybe it was the ground melting, IDK the point is it can be unbearably hot.  The winter is not much better.  Our humidity is so high that when it's cold it physically hurts at times.  I am sure you have guessed that I am not much of an out doorsy type of person.  It's not that I don't like out doors activities, I just don't like the weather in Texas... except in Fall. In Fall it is perfect.  The air is crisp, only a light jacket or sweatshirt is ever needed.  The wind is subtle, the trees are beautiful the colors rock, the scents of pumpkin spice and apple spice are so warm and inviting.  I just love it, especially outdoors!  I have noticed more and more Fall clothes in the stores and Fall decor and it makes me happy!  My pumpkin spice frapps are back at Starbucks.  Life is good.  Couldn't resist the urge to get Bailey a new fall outfit imagining the pumpkin patch this year at the Arboretum :)  Near Wylie they do a pumpkin hunt, much like an eater egg hunt but with mini pumpkins.  It's free and meant for kids 10 and under, I was so excited when I discovered this event!  They also do a Fall fest with food and art and music, which is also very exciting to me!!  I plan on bringing Bailey and a camera to as many Fall events as I can because I know she'll love it as much as me :D

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