Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you to all those who were praying for us, Johnny's job is safe!! He found out this morning, and now a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Poor guy had to work overnight last night for inventory getting home at 6 am and then had to be back at 10 am to find out if he had a job or not and will be working until 8 tonight. He is dragging big time, and hasn't had a chance to be truly happy yet because he is so exhausted. But he will be ;-) once he sleeps and all. I will be spending the day cooking a yummy dinner for him so it'll be ready when he gets home, and making the apartment spotless so he can kick back, eat dinner, and relax. Now we can continue pushing forward with our dreams of a house freeing up the credit one card at a time, we're so close!! Thanks again everyone!

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