Best Buy, Easter Crawdads, and Rice Cereal  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2009: 4 months old

Best Buy finally made their long awaited restructure announcements last week. John's GM announced that they are merging the CEM position (John's current role) and the Services Manager position into a new job title called CSM or Customer Solutions Manager. His store will have two of these positions available, but since they previously had two CEM's and one Services Manager that means one of the three of them will be without placement. Originally we had thought the GM decides who stays and who goes, but we have recently learned that a third party will be making the cuts. The GM was allowed to right an assessment on each of them and send off their last two reviews for the final decision. Who ever is not placed will have until June 2nd to find a job in the company or else they will be relieved with a six month severance package. John will find out if he is placed on April 26th, the day after our one year anniversary. This is all we know for now, I will keep everyone posted. We are staying positive about this, John has wonderful reviews and his GM seems to value him quite a bit so nobody is in panic mode yet, however he has put in applications to other companies as a back up plan.

Easter Sunday was spent at my Mom and Stepdad's house aka Nanny and Poppy's with the three of us and the Carminati's. Bella and Bailey were dressed to match in their pink pettiskirts and pink tops, but Bailey didn't last long in her sweet outfit. The house was warm due to all the people and the oven going, and the combination of drool and spit ups caused me to strip her down to her diaper. We ate a yummy meal of prime rib and twice baked potatoes and all sorts of yummy stuff and watched the kids hunt for eggs. The previous night it had rained so Nanny's yard had puddles everywhere and in those puddles where crawdads from the lake. Bella and I hunted crawdads for a little while spotting a few babies here and there, but when Kobi and Skylar joined in they ended up finding a pretty big one. The sight of Bella in her sweet pink Easter outfit holding up a giant ugly crawdad was SO Bella :) I didn't photograph anything that day though because my blood pressure felt out of whack (hasn't felt the same since pregnancy) and I was having a hard time getting Bailey to sleep. We had our pack and play but the mattress was at home since Mr. Kitty felt the need to urinate on it. UGH bad kitty!! Does anyone know how I would get that out? I am thinking dry cleaning.
Kobi inspecting Bailey's bald spot on Easter

Which leads us to today. I picked up a box of rice cereal last night at the store for Bailey to sample. I really don't need to go into an explanation on this one, I think the pics tell the story here.

She makes it look so appealing doesn't she? The entire time she had this look on her face of "why are you doing this to me?" I tried so hard not to laugh, but come on look at her!

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2 comments: to “ Best Buy, Easter Crawdads, and Rice Cereal

  • Ashley
    April 16, 2009 at 2:25 PM  

    The first time I fed Alex rice cereal she couldn't keep it in her mouth. We waited a few weeks and tried again! That time she scarfed down every bite and damn near licked the spoon clean! Feeding her is one of my favorite things because I LOVE the looks she gives when she isn't sure about something! Have fun with it! She's adorable!

  • alyak23
    April 16, 2009 at 3:19 PM  

    She refused to open her mouth on day two. I managed to get a couple bites in and then gave up because she was just not that into it. I figure I will try every couple days but it's a lot of work expressing milk for her not eat any of it. I don't even put that much rice cereal into it, it's mostly milk so she can get used to the spoon but she makes this face of disgust every time. The nostrils flaring up does make me giggle though.

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