Raising Ellie Just Became a Little Harder  

Monday, September 8, 2008

March 2008: 1 month into pregnancy

John and I had just adopted a yellow baby Labrador Retriever by the name of Ellie at the beginning of 2008. She was a wild thing that the both of us put every effort into training, and she held a special place in my heart right from the beginning because of her resemblance to my favorite childhood dog Roxy. We had failed previously with our first attempt at a dog Jake, so this time we wanted to do it right by taking her to Puppy Kindergarten classes and Obedience Classes weekly from the first month we got her. We set up puppy playtimes for her in the dog park behind our apartment and walked her regularly to make sure she got the exercise she needed even though she was an apartment dog. At this time she started developing a severe bladder infection. This couldn't come at a worse time for us financially because in February both John and I had become incredibly sick, me with a horrible strain of the Flu Virus and John with Pneumonia. This set us back considerably financially since I didn't have insurance and John had to have x-rays of his chest done. We took Ellie into the Vet several times to get her infection cleared up, but for some reason the antibiotics never cleared it up. Eventually, after many tests and cultures, they found a medication that would work. I found myself becoming more and more frustrated with everything and physically unable to keep up with her. Towards the end of the month I began cramping and the moodiness made me believe I was menstrual.

Our Little Hunting Dog

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