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Monday, September 8, 2008

August 2008: 6 months into pregnancy
The night before our next scheduled sonogram picture, John and I plus Candi and Kobi made a double date to see a movie. The new Batman had just been released, The Dark Knight, and John was obsessed with this movie. I have to admit Heath Ledger, RIP, did an amazing job with his role as the Joker. Well anyway, I guess the movie theater popcorn was too hard on my stomach because once again I was up all night with stomach gas. The pain was excruciating. To the point that when 5 am hit and I was still violently throwing up, I insisted John call the Dr. because I felt like something was wrong. She instructed him to have me take a Phenegran pill and that should help me get some sleep. Exhausted, I stood no chance to the power of the pill and passed out still in pain. A couple hours later John dragged me out of bed for the Dr. appointment. Still under the influence of the medicine, I could barely keep my eyes open in the waiting room. The Dr. performed the sonogram and revealed that we were having a baby girl after all. I was pleased, but no doubt the magic was robbed from that moment from my pain and sleep deprivation. John and I grabbed a quick lunch then he dropped me off at the apartment as he headed off for work. I immediately went back to sleep.

Two hours later I was awoken in ten times more pain than I was the night before. I tried to take another Phenegran, but I kept throwing it back up. The Dr. had mentioned if I couldn't keep it down then she could prescribe me a suppository. Not thrilled about this option, but feeling helpless I called John in panic mode again. The tears rolled down my cheeks as I described the intense pain I was in. He would need to come home immediately, but first he needed to contact the Dr. To my surprise the Dr. called me. She said that it sounded more serious than stomach gas and that she had a feeling something was wrong with my gall bladder. I would need to report to the hospital immediately to get a sonogram of my organs done. John rushed home to pick me up and rushed me into the hospital. Nikki met us there, also in a panic. I cried and screamed the entire time, feeling very dehydrated, nauseated, my organs wanting to explode and my back throbbing. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do to bring me comfort. As I threw up stomach bile into a large trashcan, the sonogram revealed two freakishly large gall stones measuring over 2 cm, when a typical stone is only a couple of mm, in my gall bladder. They also told me that my gall bladder was severely swollen and so was my liver.

They rushed me up to labor and delivery where they tried to stick an IV in my arm. It took several attempts in both arms before they found a vein that was not shriveled due to dehydration. The pain medication Demerol soothed me instantly, as I passed out from sheer exhaustion. The next morning Dr. Annie Bass came to see me and explained that surgery would be too risky on a pregnant lady and that they would hydrate me and send in a nutritionist to put me on a VERY mild diet. After several days in the hospital the pain never ceased. They couldn't send me home. The surgeon then explained that I would have to have my gall bladder removed and if I do it now I have less of a chance of miscarrying because they can usually stop early labor in the second trimester. I cannot possibly explain how terrifying this news was to the both of us. We just found out we are having a baby girl and now I have a doctor explaining that there is a chance of losing her, but the longer I wait the greater the risk is. With a brave face, John and I made the decision to operate since it seemed to be the direction the surgeon was recommending. Candi once again played the role of calming my fears, always knowing the right things to say and both Nikki and John stayed by my side throughout my entire hospital stay. They would have to put me under for the surgery and I feared that when I woke up the baby would be gone. Mom, David, Candi, Bella, Skylar, Nikki, and of course John were all in the waiting room while they removed my Gall Bladder. The surgery took twice as long as it should have, and the surgeon emerged from the room pale as a ghost. My family described him as looking like the life had been drained from him, and he rubbed his forehead as he explained how difficult the surgery was but the results were successful.

As I was in the recovery room I remember the nurse trying to wake me and before I could even open my eyes I asked if she was still in there. Is my baby still alive? They answered yes, and that the surgery was a success and I was so relieved. I woke up as fast as possible, in half the time that was expected because I wanted to hear the baby on the monitor. They wheeled me back to my room and I immediately needed to use the restroom. When I wiped my toilet paper was soaked in blood. Still a little messed up from the anesthesia I got up and looked in the urine pan which also had a substantial amount of blood. With my heart racing I asked Nikki and the nurse to check me for bleeding as I started to realize what this could mean, but fortunately the blood was actually coming from the incision above my belly button. Kind of gross, but definitely a huge relief knowing that I wasn't miscarrying. The nurses hooked me and Bailey up to the monitors. She was very active for the rest of the day and seemed unaffected. I remember she kept kicking me in my surgery spots (there were 4 of them). Even though it was a little painful I didn't mind, because I was so happy that she was unharmed. I know I am a strong enough person to get through most the trials life throws my way, but this was the first time in my life that if things went wrong that I wasn't sure if I could bounce back from. She had already become such an important part of our lives, and I couldn't think of how life would be without ever getting to meet her. By this point her kicks were strong enough to feel every day, and now we knew that she is a she and it just seemed so unfair to take her away before we could officially meet her.

It took two weeks to fully recover from the surgery. Just in time for the baby shower in Austin that my Dad and Uncle were throwing for us. Well actually I think Sally did most of the work, so all three of them deserve to get credit. Dad bought Bailey her beautiful black crib that converts into 4 different beds to last her through college, and a high end mattress that vibrates and soothes. Earl bought her a new pack and play, car seat and swing that all match. And my cousins loaded us up with other baby essentials. We had an amazing weekend. My Dad and Uncle wore us out completely and it took two days of Rolaids and sleep to recover.

Second Cousins Ellie and Samantha Helping

The morning sickness is officially over. I went in for my check up with the surgeon and he described the condition in which my Gall Bladder was in. Apparently it was “dead”. Gangrene and the size of my liver! It was actually at risk of killing me or spreading infection to the baby, so we made the right choice. I have always believed all things happen for a reason and this nightmare was one of them. This was the reason my white blood cell counts have been so high. This was also the reason for my severe reaction to the pregnancy, and why I can't fight common colds. And now I am healthier feeling than I have been in years. It was definitely a blessing in disguise. My OB appointment was next and Dr. Annie Bass said Bailey is very healthy and active. We couldn't have felt more blessed.
Ellie in the Rain at the Baby Shower

Samantha in the Rain at the Baby Shower
Skylar and Bella in the Rain at the Baby Shower

I am officially to the point where I can truly enjoy every precious moment of my pregnancy. Every time I feel her kick she brings a smile to my face. And by the end of the month you can physically see my stomach shake as the kicks because she has become so strong. John loves talking to her and feeling her. 9 out of 10 times when someone puts their hands on my stomach she gets perfectly still and waits for them to leave, but when it's Daddy she knows. She could be asleep and the moment he puts his hands on my stomach and starts to talk to her she kicks and stirs. It brings tears to his eyes to know he has already created a special bond with his daughter. She will be a Daddy's girl for sure, and I love that.

Bella and Jack Playing Out Back at the Baby Shower

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2 comments: to “ It's a Girl...

  • jpeck
    September 22, 2008 at 5:48 PM  

    Hey girl!
    I didn't know you guys had a blog!
    So glad that you are better now. Hoping the rest of your pregnancy is a lot smoother. Not much longer now!
    We are thinking of you,

  • alyak23
    September 23, 2008 at 3:34 PM  

    Thank you! It's new! I don't think I have your e-mail, because I tried to notify everyone that I had addresses for. It's been going A TON better since the surgery!

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