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Monday, September 8, 2008

June 2008: 4 months into pregnancy
The blood tests came back from the physical and everything appeared to be fine. The Doctor did mention that my white blood cells came back with a high count, which my physical the previous year had reported the same thing. She said this meant I have an infection, possibly from a cavity or something, but other than that everything is perfect. She had also prescribed me some anti-nausea pills, Phenegran and Zofran, to help out with the morning sickness. This reduced the vomiting down from three times per day to every other day. At the end of this month I turned 26, but for the life of me can't remember what we did to celebrate. I know I was sick most of the day so I believe John took me out to eat and we took it easy most of the day. I know for sure he took the day off to spend with me, like a good husband.

Bella and Skylar: Summer

Candi and the kids, Bella and Skylar, came over to swim in our awesome apartment pool about once a week. I loved the company they provided, and for some reason the pool made me feel better. John would cook out every now and then by the pool side, and Candi would always bring tasty treats with her. By the end of the summer Bella went from crying every time she got water in her face, to jumping in with her eyes open under water. Skylar also walked away this summer with a new trick, he learned how to swim.

Annabel Lopez: 2nd Cousin

We also took a family trip to Austin for Sally's baby shower. Annie had already been born, but this time Molly was back in town from her travels to Alaska and New Zealand so she threw this second shower for her little sister. John and I drove down there, and so did Candi, Kobi, Bella and Skylar. We all stayed at Earl's house and had a great time visiting the family. This is really the first time we have been able to spend any time with the family aside from weddings because my Dad had shut himself off from us for the past eight years. He had under went some serious medical problems the previous year and made family a number one priority. I am so incredibly thankful to have my Dad back in my life, and for John to finally get to know him. He has turned over a new leaf completely and we all welcome the change!

Dad at the Wedding, Still Recovering From Surgery

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