Really there is no excuse.  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've been meaning to post some of these for a while, but it kept slipping my mind.  These are park pictures taken the day after Halloween, which is why monkey's scalp is tinted green.  It was John's day off and it was a beautiful sunny day so we decided it would be fun to take her to the park to play.  Sadly this was probably one of last warm days we will have... maybe not, you never know with Texas weather, and even more sad this is the first time I have taken monkey to the park.  Bad Mommy!  Why have I not taken her before you ask??  I didn't have a car for the longest time, and I guess this summer we kept pretty busy.  I did take her to the pool a lot, but I should have made a bigger effort with the park situation.  I'm not sure why I didn't really think to do that this summer.  Anyway I took her after Halloween and she loved it a lot of course.  She's a big fan of the swings and after she went down the slide with Daddy she became a big fan of the slides as well.  She would say "weeeeeee, weeeee, weeeeeee!!"  all the way down the slide, much cuter than that annoying pig on the commercial... you know the one.  Shortly after we got there, my buddy Holly called and met us there with EEEaaa (monkey's name for him).  She was so surprised that he found her there.  He even showed up with a flower to give her <3 awe.    

was about to take a pic of monkey when...  LOL

she adores him :)

Snapfish was doing a special around Halloween for buy 1 photo book get 2 free!  I was so excited to receive my 3 books today!  I know I take a gazillion pics of my baby, but I really don't have many that are printed.  So you can imagine how happy they make me.

I've been doing a lot of crafts lately to get ready for her 2nd birthday, can't believe it's already here!  We are doing an Olivia themed party.  Who's Olivia?  She's a cute little pig that has her own series of books and a show on Nick Jr.  Monkey loves her, and loves the fact that she has a black cat, and a brother named Ian.  So Olivia is her party theme, and for some reason she's not extremely main stream like Dora and Yo Gabba.  It's very difficult to find pre-made party themed Olivia items unless you go on etsy, which can be spendy, so it's a DIY event I guess.  The good thing is is that her colors are red, white and black and with Christmas around the corner it makes finding the color theme pretty easy with lots of wonderful choices!  Candi is going to make her a custom outfit, and wouldn't you know they are either sold out or discontinued on most Olivia fabrics.  Luckily I scored a FQ on eBay for $7.95, the next day it was selling for over $20... crazy.  Still though $7.95 for a quarter of fabric... robbery I tell ya!  I have decided not to do her party on Thanksgiving this year, even though her actual birthday falls on it.  For one it's too much to try to coordinate in one day, for two I would have to do it early in the morning if I expected anyone to come and it seems too early to chow down on cupcakes and candy and then sit down to a super filling meal.  The date is not totally set yet, but I'm thinking the Sunday after Thanksgiving will work best for everyone involved.  So until then I will be meticulously crafting, cooking, planning, cleaning, decorating, shopping, etc.      

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