True Blood!  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 2010:  18 months old

A few of our favorite shows to watch after B goes to bed for the night are True Blood, Dexter, and Big love on HBO and Showtime.  John and I get so excited when a new season launches for any of those three series, and it becomes a weekend ritual for us try and get B down for bed early so we can eat dinner together and watch what crazy plot twist happens next.  True Blood finally started back up this Sunday with it's season 3 premiere and we couldn't have been more excited about it.  Candi and I were supposed to get together earlier that week but something came up and she had to cancel so she had the idea of doing a True Blood party at my house and the kids could play in the back bedrooms while we viewed.  I found this as a great excuse to do some True Blood cupcakes and as I was looking online to get some inspiration for cupcake toppers I not only found cupcake ideas but also found a design that would make a cool graphic cake so then I was sucked in and fully committed to doing both.  Seems like too much dessert, nah who am I kidding?  It would make the kids very happy to have so much cake to munch on!  And then I was sneaky enough to send most of it home with the Carminati's so I wouldn't completely fall off my diet LOL I might have sabotaged Candi's though!  Now we had a theme going and I had to see it through to the end.

What dinner should be served at a True Blood party you ask??  Cajun of course, since it is set in Louisiana!  I remembered Bree talking about her amazing Jambalaya recipe, perfect!  It was soooo amazing, and fragrant and delicious!  This recipe made a JUMBO pot of Jambalaya and everyone gobbled it down so fast that there was really only one bowl left for lunch the following day, definitely a keeper!!  I found some Zapps Voodoo gumbo chips at the store for appetizers and some battered green beans that I served with spicy ranch.  Candi brought a blood red home made Sangria (sooo good!!  tasted like an alcoholic fruit punch!).  All of this for True Blood hahaha!!  It was lots of fun, the premiere was awesome, and the food rocked!  I would definitely do all of this again for next season!  If I had had the time I would have got some cheap party decor to dress the kitchen up as Merlotte's Bar and Grill and the naughty drink and dessert bar as Fangtasia, but I had a lot I was trying to squeeze in in one weekend with real clients and all.  

Summer has been so incredibly busy for Bree and I!  We were totally booked up through May and June, and our July is filling up fast with some big weddings and several tastings!  Sorry if I have a hard time keeping up with the blog this summer, I will do my best not to neglect it!  But it can be hard to juggle late night cakes with early morning momminess and taking care of the house and the hubby and squeezing in some work outs.  It's all so great though!  Loving the buzz!

Yes, the cake has fang marks hehehe 

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