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Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday John said his goodbyes to working inside of a Best Buy store and is now officially District staff!  One of the perks to being a District Staff member is that he no longer works 10 hour days, he's back to 8 or 9 hours DAY time shifts Mon-Fri.  Sooo weird when you have been in the land of retail your whole life!  Bonus his first Sunday off happened to be on Father's Day.  Bailey and I got him a Dallas Cowboy's helmet for our ubber fan.  I feel that this is some what of a pointless gift because I don't know what he's really going to do with it, but he's been talking about having one for a long time so it made him incredibly happy and that's what is important.  Bailey colored in his card and helped me sign her name, and then walked over to him that morning handing him his sweet card. My Mother's Day card, however, is still unsigned and unrecorded sitting on a counter some where that slacker lol!!  Later that day we met the Carminatis, and Nanny and Poppy for dinner at Chuys.  I made an Italian Cream Cake for dessert and brought it with us to the restaurant.  I don't know if that's weird, but I have delivered several cakes to restaurants for our business and seeing as how it was a holiday I figured it would be cool, we also shared some with the waitress and a fellow cake enthusiast waiter.

this is the best sippy and snack cup ever btw... the snack cup has soft rubber flaps that keep the snack in the cup but is soft enough for little hands to reach in and get stuff, and finally a sippy that doesn't leak all over the place made by playtex

Italian Cream YUMMY!  bottom layer is not burned it was just in a darker pan so it baked a little different on the outsides than the other two layers... all three were baked perfectly to taste 

John started his new job on Monday and is absolutely loving it!  I think it is exactly what he needed to rejuvenate himself, because it's all he can talk about.  I am so happy that he is coming home so amped up about his job... and I love that he is home normal hours to play with us!  It's like your first week of school how excited you get about your friends being in your new classes and your teachers and everything is a new start.  It's made our evenings way more enjoyable and we are both feeling rather blessed at this moment in our lives!

My birthday was on Wednesday and my sweet hubby was on his A game.  He brought home some beautiful red Painter's Roses, maybe a dozen or so stems.  I have never seen a Painter's rose before so for those of you unfamiliar with them like myself they are fantastically stripey and totally unique to anything I've ever seen before.  He also had a card from him and a card from Bailey which she signed and colored and brought to me :D  We went out to Kobe's Steak House meeting up with some friends and the Carminatis for some hibachi action.  Candi made me a custom crib skirt for Bailey's room and her very first toddler pillow!!!  So cute!  Now I need to get curtains and I'll photograph her finished room!  

I had so much fun on my birthday that I have decided that it should go on for a full week.  I asked John if he was cool with this and he agreed.  Ok so I might of asked him when he was all sleepy and full from hibachi, but he agreed so I am sticking with this idea.  The next day Candi and I snuck off for a girl's night.  My PIC (partner in crime) from High School, Sarah, has an older brother Craig.  Craig has been a lot of fun to hang out with for years, but it was only through Facebook that I realized he was in the same class as Candi and that they actually knew each other.  He hosts a cooking class every two weeks, so we thought it would be fun to take a class from him since we both know him.  We had a great time letting him cook us some yummy food and drinking all night without having to take care of children or do dishes and such.  We will be doing this again for sure, and hopefully bringing some friends with us for future classes!  I know a lot of Mommy's out there dying for a break from time to time!  And as a reward to John for being such a great hubby I fixed him the meal I learned for tonight's dinner so we all win. 

Bailey has been a little hooligan lately.  She searches for pens, crayons, markers, etc in drawers and then uses them to color on the walls and door ways.  ROTTEN!  I have to keep a close eye on her, she's a sneaky little ninja!  She destroys the house if I get on the phone or the computer, much like a puppy would do the minute you leave home.  I know it's to get my attention but I am not really sure if I should be putting her in time out for it or trying harder to keep her entertained.  She is also trying to get more and more independence, so I've been letting her feed herself scary things like yogurt and purees in addition to her regular finger foods with her very own big girl toddler forks and spoons.  She is usually covered in her meal when she is done, but it makes her so happy to do it herself.  She is such a happy girl all smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses about 90% of the time.  The other 10% is the occasional toddler outburst or pout but at least she's easy to distract and make happy again.

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