Birthday Photo Shoot  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November: 11 months old

I did a mini photo shoot for Bailey's birthday invites. We wish everyone could make it, sorry we had to plan it on Thanksgiving I know that means that my Austin gang won't be there. I wish we could come down for a visit soon, but I know John's schedule is packed and Candi has been busy as a substitute teacher at Bella's school. I will be hosting both Bailey's birthday party and Thanksgiving this year! I am so thankful we have our new home to share all of these happy memories in! We feel so blessed!

Someone may already be spoiled thanks to Mommy friends who donated outgrown toys and relatives who love us ;)Upside down LOLLooking at her baby book... we've come so far, awe!Chewing on Mr. GiraffeShe loves her Daddy! And she is his world!kneeling like a big kid... getting into my camera equipment
Sleepy baby... time to wrap up :)

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