Birthday Party Time  

Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 2009: 12 months old

Bailey's birthday party was so much fun! We had a great turn out considering it was on Thanksgiving! It was a little hectic pulling off Thanksgiving and a Birthday party in one day, but I think gifts and cake made Thanksgiving a lot more entertaining than just stuffing yourself until you pass out on the couch! It definitely made it feel more kid friendly and exciting. Bailey was so much fun with her giant cupcake smash cake. Candi was my photographer for the day and she got some fantastic shots that really captured the memory of the party. Bailey was so excited to see that giant cake put in front of her and then she looked around at all of us in disbelief that it was actually for her. She carefully poked a finger into the frosting and tasted it and then became more and more brave with the tasty sugar feast in front of her. Eventually she LOVED it so much that she hugged it LOL, and grabbed a chunk of cake to rub on her face. After a bit her eyes glazed over and she seemed like she was on autopilot scooping more and more cake into her mouth. She was a champ all morning and afternoon with all of the craziness. She was pleased to tear into the wrapping paper of the gifts and shred it to tiny pieces and played with her new walkers and books for the rest of the party. Then like all sugar highs she crashed hard into a long nap right after the Thanksgiving meal. John's best friend was thoughtful enough to open up a trust fund for her in her name so that when she turns 18 she will have some money in savings for college, which I thought was an awesome gift idea, especially coming from someone who does not have any kids yet. We will make it a point to add a little to it every holiday. All in all I couldn't have asked for it to go any better even though the cake design didn't quite make it! We had warm memories, great food, awesome photos, and lots of friends and family to share the holiday with! Who could ask for anything more? Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

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2 comments: to “ Birthday Party Time

  • jpeck
    November 30, 2009 at 11:38 AM  

    What a fun birthday / Thanksgiving! I love having a birthday this time of year too! It's just far enough away from Christmas, but still feels like the holidays. Love the pictures!

  • alyak23
    November 30, 2009 at 12:20 PM  

    it's nice having photographers in the family! Especially when you are so busy hosting that you can't get into it as much as you would like since you would end up ignoring your guests! I think she did better than I could have! Love her!!

    we have never had a Thanksgiving baby in the family! Most everyone is Christmas and I am summer, so it really adds something new to our traditions! Plus I just adore fall so she also brings a new sense of warmth and love to autumn <3 <3 love my little turkey :D

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