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Friday, September 4, 2009

September 2009: 9 months old

Bailey had her 9 months check up this week... 9 months crazy! Time is slipping by so very quickly it just blows my mind. She measured in at 27 1/4 inches which keeps her close to the 50th percentile, head measures in at 45 inches which is 75th percentile LOL, and her weight is 16.2 pounds which is in the less than 10%. ???? How could this be??? My baby eats like crazy! Still breast feeding probably 5-6 times per day, has 2-3 bottles of juice and yogurt drinks, 6 jars of baby food, and snacks in between! All she does is eat it seems! I thought for sure her weight was going to have a huge spike this check up because of all the solids she eats so I am pretty surprised by this. Everything is on target, the next thing we should be anticipating from her is getting into a sit position on her own and pulling up to a stand.

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