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Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 2009: 7 months old

Ok still needing to post pics of the 4th. As far as Bailey events this month it has been a pretty mild month. She sits, but still doesn't prefer it. She rolls and doesn't crawl. She says Mama ALL of the time. She is trying to say Dada, but it usually comes across as Wawa... close enough! She has learned to steer her baby raft in the pool by kicking her way toward me. Sleep has been pretty good this month! And she hasn't really shown any stranger anxiety at this point, just separation issues... wishing she could understand what be right back means w/o having a meltdown when mommy runs to grab the phone or something but she cheers back up quickly. She loves all her veggies BIG time, if I let her she would just keep chowing down on them until she was sick. Seems to like all of the grain cereals, but she hates fruit. I have to blend it with cereal to get her to eat it. Seems like that would be the case with veggies and not fruit, but we like to do thing backwards in this house. She is also Popsicle fiend, we discovered this by accident at first and she started grabbing and pawing at them like a little spider monkey. Crazy baby! and she digs some solids like nutrigrain bars, Gerber puffs, and Gerber yogurt melts.

John went to Arizona for work and had a blast. He had the chance to meet up with a lot of our mutual friends that we had made through work and moved away and he thought that was really cool. He also learned all sorts of stuff about home theater equipment which fascinates him, and met the CEO of Monster! He was pleased to get away for a few days, but was more than ready to come home at the end of it and tomorrow his vacation begins and we will be headed to Austin!

I had my first day of cake designing with Breezie's Cakes yesterday and I loved it! My project was a small birthday cake that was sunflower themed, so I learned how to wrap a cake in fondant and create bows and ribbons out of fondant. I did a hand painting of a sunflower on it and then assisted Bree with a beautiful wedding cake! I am looking forward to future cakes and skills and I think Bree and I will make a great team! Bree also did a 3-d Sponge Bob cake this past week for a friend of ours little girl's birthday party that was so cool! Check out her blog to see her latest cakes they are way fun!

Bree was so nice to let me have free reign over the Sunflower Cake so I felt like I gained a lot of experience with my first one already!

The wedding cake I covered the small tier, cut strips of fondant for the ribbon and stripes, and did a little bit of the piping. This was her project and design but I was so pleased to be able to watch and assist in anyway that I could because it is beautiful! She really rocked this cake!

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