Father's Day  

Friday, July 3, 2009

June 2009: 6 months old

John had to work his first Father's Day, but he was off early enough for us to go out to dinner. We met Nanny and Poppy, Aunt Candi and Uncle Kobi, and of course cousins Bella and Skylar at Fuddrucker's for a nice and easy Father's Day meal. John had control of the camera this night so I will post what he photographed as his Father's Day memories. Bailey did make Daddy, Uncle Kobi, Poppy, and Grand Dad (who we got to see the following week!) cards. We weren't able to do two footprints on the card because she has become familiar with this process and wanted to take a more hands on approach this time, proving to make this project a little tricky, but she did a great job!

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