Time for Spring!  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 2009: 2 months old

It has been a fun and productive week here at the Dunson household! As a Christmas present to each of the store managers, the GM granted two paid days off to be taken any time in January or February. He was especially nice to schedule John's days off and the comp days all in a row so that he ended up getting not only the weekend of the Super Bowl off, but an actual 6 days stretch of time away from work! That was the best gift he could have given to a new family for sure! We had originally planned to drive down to Austin to visit the family, but it didn't work out for my Dad and Uncle's agendas. Sorry cousins! We really want to come visit you guys so we are still trying to work on it. I HAVE to see Molly while she is in town it's been way too long, so don't let her leave yet! But even though we didn't get a chance to leave Dallas, we still had a really good time relaxing hanging out at home.
We had a few warm breezy days here in Dallas so spring fever hit me hard! Ever since we have lived in this apartment I have either been huge and pregnant, recovering from a c section (takes 6 weeks!), and handling a newborn while my husband has been working long crazy holiday hours in retail mayhem. Needless to say the condition of the house is less than perfect. I have usually managed to keep it picked up, but certain things have remained untouched or out of control. But now I am healed and I had a helper for a week so we cleaned this place from top to bottom. It is sparkly and fresh and every room in the house carries my favorite scent (fresh laundry). All spots in the carpet have been scrubbed, all dishes are done, no dust or smudges or clutter anywhere, every single thing that can be washed has been washed including John's car. We have even finished the nursery and Bailey's bathroom decor... well almost, just a couple small project left, but I'd say it's about 85-90% done. So with our victory of conquering the house we invited the family over for a Super Bowl/ Dinner party and had a lot of fun.
Also with dreams of spring came the overwhelming desire to shop for cute spring baby clothes. Little girls are dangerous to have because they are so much fun to shop for! All of the sweet spring dresses and skirts were too much for me to handle... I may have gone overboard. Ebay can be an addictive place for a stay at home mom, but I did get a steal on all of her cute clothes. What can I say, besides Baby Gap and Gymboree really know what they are doing. She is so spoiled already. She has better, more stylish clothes than either John or I have and her room is the most tricked out room in the house. I can't help it, when you love somebody so much you just want to give them the world. Bailey's follow-up two month appointment was today. She weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces. Go Bailey! The doctor is no longer concerned about her ability to gain weight, and I can stop supplementing her LOL. I knew he wouldn't know the difference and that it was just her being sick that last time. This week has also been a lot smoother as far as the colic problems I was experiencing with her previously. She is still crankier in the later half of the day, but not a screaming crying mess so my sanity has returned (I think it checked out for a minute). I have been successful in keeping her awake for longer periods of time. I have not, however, been successful at the crib attempts. We did get the batteries for her mattress, the boom box with soft music and still no luck. I don't know if I need to be more hardcore about it, but I really hate hearing her scream so yeah... that's where we are at with that whole mess. When we finally get her in that crib peacefully we will celebrate.

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2 comments: to “ Time for Spring!

  • jpeck
    February 5, 2009 at 7:02 PM  

    So CUTE... I just want to squeeze her cheeks in the last ones :).

    I'm glad you guys didn't end up coming down last week-end though, because we were all germ-y and would have probably missed out!

    Hope it works out soon!

  • alyak23
    February 5, 2009 at 7:56 PM  

    oh well that def. wouldn't have been good, cuz we would want to see all of you guys... we're greedy like that LOL. Candi and I will figure something out if John can't squeeze another weekend off anytime soon.

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