sleeping beauty wakes up!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 2008: 0 months old

The last couple of days have been kind of tricky, learning how to run this operation as a one man show now that Daddy is back to work. Last week was super easy because all Bailey did was sleep very soundly and John was here, but of course now that he is back at work she has decided to wake up and she is not happy unless I am holding her. The last two days I have been trying to squeeze in some sort of nap to try to get a few hours of sleep, but Bailey was not having it. It's not like she is a little terror or anything, she's quite happy and peaceful when in my arms, but the moment I set her down she wakes up within minutes and is very unhappy about the situation.

Today I replaced the batteries in her bear that makes womb noises, given to her by my cousin Patrick at the Austin baby shower and she couldn't be happier about it. She let me sleep, have coffee and even take a shower! Thank you Patrick LOL!! John has also promised to bring home a supply of D and C batteries, so we can utilize the features in her bouncer that she has been sleeping in (temporarily of course until we move her to the nursery) it vibrates and plays music but we haven't been able to use those features since we don't have any C batteries, and we'll be able to use her swing which I am sure she will love since she likes being rocked so much. If that bear can work miracles I know the rest of the baby items should come in handy too! I have a feeling that Bailey and I will have it a little more figured out next week.

We have received her Social Security card in the mail yesterday so she is an official citizen of the United States! YAY a real person LOL!! It was addressed to her and everything. I am sure I sound silly, but it was cool getting a piece of mail addressed to her specifically. Oh yeah, and her umbilical chord fell off a few days ago so now she has a real belly button and it's way cuter than that dried up chord.

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2 comments: to “ sleeping beauty wakes up!

  • Kailing Krew
    December 13, 2008 at 4:42 PM  

    Oh the joys of the many firsts!! The only advice I can give for the baby who wants to be held ALL the time is this Let them cry! It is by far the hardest thing you will ever do BUT worth your sanity and sleep!! After 5 kids this is what I know she will learn quickly that she is to tired to scream and that you are not coming so she might as well sleep! I promise you it works!!! But I don't blame you if you just can't do it! It's hard Good Luck!!

  • Sleestak
    December 19, 2008 at 10:30 AM  

    no way! I say hold her sleep when she's in college ;-)

    SOme babies just need more reassurance ;-)

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